Coke Created A Sweet Message of Solidarity for Muslims Fasting During Ramadan

FP7 McCann UAE 

As one might imagine from Coke, the story is ultimately a positive one, as the woman—preparing to break her fast with the traditional meal of three dates—is offered a soda from a supportive passerby. Once the sun goes down, they enjoy the drinks together in a lovely shared moment.

The closing message is:
“What unites us is bigger than what divides us.”

Coca-Cola is doing something against the discrimination of Muslims. There is also others are upset claiming it’s unhealthy breaking fast with a Coke.

Why it’s Hot

Advertisers are known for jumping on every holiday, but Ramadan has traditionally been an exception. During a time of fasting, it represents the exact opposite of most marketing messages. But, somehow Coke managed to create an uplifting moment in a touch topic.