Coca-Cola Spreads Happiness Online With Emoji Web Addresses

Coca-Cola Puerto Rico launched a fun campaign that puts smiley-face emojis right in the brand’s web addresses. The brand registered URLs for every emoji that conveys happiness. Entering any of these happy icons into a mobile web browser, along with the .ws suffix, leads users to Coca-­Cola Puerto Rico’s website.

For now, all the emoji URLs lead to a special landing page,, where consumers can sign up for a chance to get emoji web addresses of their very own.

“The vast majority of our audience now visits our website via a mobile device. And since emojis have become a kind of second language for Coke’s younger consumers, we felt this was a great opportunity to connect on a deeper level with our most important demographic,” says Alejandro Gómez, president of Coca-Cola Puerto Rico.

Why It’s Hot

Coca-Cola recognized the fact that a good portion of their consumers are Millennials who have latched on to the ever-growing emoji trend and with that, visit their websites of choice via a mobile device.  They’re appealing to this younger demographic in a way that’s natural to their already existing habits and in turn, marketing their product and their message – subtly but surely.

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