Cloudy with a Chance of Tequila

Ad company Lapiz, a unit of Leo Burnett, has revealed the world’s first tequila cloud. Using ultrasonic humidifiers, the company created a way to transform tequila into a floating visible mist, which then liquefies to fall as raindrops.

Premiering in Berlin during the rainiest month of the year, the exhibit aims to entice people to take a tropical, tequila-infused trip to Mexico. An even more impressive feat is the cloud is programmed to only rain when it is raining in Berlin (which is quite often).

The company also put together a commercial using the tequila shower. “Forget the winter, have a taste of Mexico,” reads the ad.

Why It’s Hot: It inspires us to think beyond accepted definitions of “media” (tv, radio, digital…) and “creative” (imagery, copy, video…). We can do more than creatively problem solve within guardrails. We can do more than innovate. We can invent.