Catch Your Breath

Lumen is a pocket-sized device that analyses a user’s metabolism from a single breath, offering personalised advice to help manage an individual’s fitness and weight loss goals.

Lumen guides the user on how much breath to draw in and out through the device using a paired app. The device then calculates what different gasses are currently in the person’s blood and lungs. An RQ measurement usually takes an hour to process, although with Lumen the reading is determined in less than a minute.

The app will also suggest meal options based on whether your body needs carbs or fat. All of the meal suggestions are linked up to Amazon Fresh and can be purchased within the app.

Why it’s Hot

This partnership ensures that people spend a maximum amount of time with the app. By making the personal food recommendation immediately and conveniently accessible through the app, the user is also much more likely to purchase meals directly from Lumen, rather than a competitor.