Businesses Can Now Add Facebook Messenger To Their Websites

Facebook, especially for some of our clients, is a main hub where many businesses interact and communicate with fans and customers. In addition to brand love and specific marketing messages, Facebook also is home to customer service inquires.

According to WeRSocialMedia, instead of having to send people to their Facebook Page, businesses can talk to customers through their websites, using Facebook Messenger.

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Why It’s Hot

Any business can simply add a messaging box to its website and people can talk directly to the brand on Messenger. So, businesses can keep customers on their site and customers can communicate directly with them while they have a question.

The biggest win for this news and what makes it better than other chat options is that all communication is saved on both sides and the conversations can continue cross-device. For small businesses this is incredibly important, as a small business owner could answer while out and about, or a customer can simply use Messenger as his/her mode of communication with a business.

Lastly, Facebook is also allowing integration of events with the Pages Facebook Plugin. Changes to events will appear on the event’s website etc. People who are interested in an event, don’t have to find the event on Facebook anymore. They can be updated, and show interest in the event, from the website itself.