Brands in a Dash to Test Hyperlapse

Early this week, Instagram announced the release of Hyperlapse and already Instagrammers are flocking to the new video platform.  While some notable public figures like Jimmy Fallon have created videos using the app, major brands have already jumped on board to play with the platform’s creative new storytelling capabilities.

Hyperlapse is a standalone mobile application that allows users to easily create “cinema-like” time-lapse videos, that speed up the footage by up to 12x the original speed. Hyperlapse also features an image stablization algorithm to reduce the shakiness inherent to handheld videography.

Given the nature of time-lapse videos, a common theme among everyday users has been to capture transportation.  Trains, cars, even animal crossings can be made more amusing with Hyperlapse.

But for brands?  Hyperlapse becomes another tool in their storytelling arsenals. For instance brands like Foot Locker are showing new ways to “unbox” products, while Oreo has shown a new way to create branded “surprises” with their #minidelivery campaign.

Why It’s Hot

Hyperlapse is a new way for short-form video to enhance brands’ expressiveness digitally. As more brands adopt Hyperlapse, we will begin to see creativity flourish. While the likes of Oreo have made successful time-lapses purely about product, I more immediate application seems to be around “experience brands.”  Brands need to think about how Hyperlapse can help tell the story their customers can create with their brand, not just the showcasing a product at 12x speed.

Source: AdWeek and SocialFresh

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