B2B Marketers Trying New (old) Tactics

OK, so it’s not exactly a new tactic (a classic of the genre is the ‘jilted lover’ billboards that have been used to promote a variety of TV shows), but it is interesting to see when B2B marketers step outside of their comfort zone.

This example from SAP appeared in the Wall Street Journal yesterday and got quite a lot of traction online. There were some naysayers (“another dumb advertiser trying to be funny”), but I thought it was well executed. It was both dull enough and odd enough to work, and the idea that business constantly seeks feedback yet never actually wants to listen to it is surely a universal truth.

Why its hot…

SAP are having a tough time – just this week they took a big restructuring charge and are laying off 4,000 workers. In tough times you’d expect them to be conservative and play it safe. It’s refreshing to see them taking a leaf out of the playbook of some other categories and doing something unexpected.