oohh ooohh oooohh…and afterward, it quickly converts to a sleep monitor

A British company says it’s taking pre-orders for a “smart condom” that measures the number of calories burned during a rendezvous.  The i.Con is actually a ring that goes over any condom to take Fitbit-like readings during sex.  It can, for example, record speed and duration.  The $73 device has Bluetooth connectivity, so data can be downloaded and, if desired – and who wouldn’t – shared on social media.



LUGG – the Uber of Moving



LUGG is the Uber of moving. But something at Ikea, West Elm, Costco and within 30 minutes or less your stuff is home. Bought something on Craisglist? LUGG it!  Have a ton of stuff to donate? LUGG it!

Unfortunately, only San Fransico-ans and Los Angelees can LUGG it.  Rolling out nation-wide soon.


F the expensive drone…GPS enable the box and make it deliver the goods


The Everfly APSARA is an origami-like disposable drone/box made to deliver essential supplies in a humanitarian or disaster situation.  Each box that can carry up to 2lbs.  Made from a mushroom-based material, they decompose in a few days.

Could USPS make boxes that fly?



Disrupting the Luxury Handbag Industry

Mass production creates a sea of sameness in the fashion industry. The luxury industry’s structure drives absurd prices and a culture of pretense and elitism with handbags starting at $2500 and running as high as $45,000.

Enter 1 Atelier.  A luxury start-up that delivers exquisitely handcrafted custom products, manufactured in NYC, and at a price that reflects only what went into the product. They are disrupting the luxury market by allowing customers to customize/personalize style/body, fabric, color, trim and detailing. Prices range from $250 to $8,000 depending on what you build/select.  Their app allows you to design your custom bag and it delivers within 21 days – currently within 12 days.

It’s a sustainable business model – meaning, no waste for Wall-E to crush into cubes of garbage.



Moxy Boutique Hotel w/ the Social Heart of a Hostel

“A free-spirited place where you can do all that crazy fun stuff you’d never think of doing at home, together with likeminded spirits you’d otherwise never have met. It’s no place like home.”

Implications – As Millennial travel habits (think Airbnb) continue to redefine the hotel industry, many traditional chains are launching diffusion brands that offer simple, streamlined experiences at lower price points. This one is owned by Marriott but feels like a youth infused club.  Currently in 8 cities (check out the NYC one) it was designed by the world-renowned design firm Yabu Pushelberg. GET A ROOM!



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