GIFs Back In Style for Brands?

Adweek has recently posted an article on GIFs for brands and how they’re back in style and important for brands and their ads. They show recent examples from Paramount Pictures, Coachella, Lionsgate, Digorno Pizza, and Mountain Dew and how they’re using social media and gifs to help promote their products. They also help explain why these brands are starting to use gifs now more than ever and how websites such as Tumblr and Giphy and artists like Romaine Laurent are being pegged by these brands to help promote their products.

Here are some examples of .gif files posted in the article:

Digorno Pizza

Time-lapse from Coachella. artist: Anthony Samaniego.

L’Oreal promo by Romain Laurent.

Why It’s Hot:

GIFs have always been an important part of internet culture for the past few years. Being able to integrate with social media is especially important for brands to connect with their audience, and it’s probably going to take more than simple promos through texts on Twitter. Utilizing GIFs is especially important for brands now more than ever to connect with their audience.

Link to article:

Playstation Vue: How Simple Can It Get

This week at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (also known as E3) in Los Angeles, Sony premiered this ad for their new TV service, Playstation Vue. This ad was created by Johannes Leonardo and directed by Fredrik Bond.

Why It’s Hot

This ad I feel is an example of how simple just works. Its visuals held my attention from start to finish, and drove it’s simple and straightforward point home.