A Beerable Change

Carlsberg brewery to implement a new eco-friendly way to package its cans. The goal is to eliminate the plastic rings that have been detrimental to ocean life. The new “groundbreaking technology” is ….. glue! But not just any glue, they claim that it’s an eco-friendly glue that can withstand the trip from distribution, to shelves, into your cooler and still will be to be brittle enough to snap off when you want to crack a cold one open with the boys.

“Carlsberg made the decision with the goal of saving 1,200 tons of plastic, or the equivalent of 60 million plastic bags, annually. “

Carlsberg's new Snap Pack

Why It’s Hot:

Carlsberg claims that the move to this new packaging method will reduce its use of plastic to package the product by more than 75%. Meaning that less plastic out there polluting our oceans.

Source: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/405427-carlsberg-to-glue-beer-packaging-to-reduce-plastic-waste

It’s an illusion, but you can already see that

D.O.N.G. These are things you can do online now, guys. In the latest DONG on the DONG channel (ok I’ll stop saying dong now) you can learn about impossible objects, create your own metamorphosis, create your own line illusions, and just have fun with some cool things you can do online now, guys. Oh, and there are some great puns which really was the selling point of this video.

Why it’s hot:
I recently re-discovered this page and I forgot about all the things you can actually do on the internet that aren’t tied to lowering one’s self-esteem by scrolling endlessly on social media and being envious of what everyone else is doing. Long story short, have fun, play games on the internet, find more dong’s!

Take a Pikat This Rare Critter

“A NEW ROBOTIC grabber wants to be the very best, like no sampler ever was. To catch deep-sea creatures is its real test; to release them safely is its cause.” A real-life Poké Ball with a mission now exists. Scientists have created a gentle 12-sided robot that’s about the size of a bowling ball that will be unleashed to crawl the dark depths of the ocean… for science! This new bot can “safely catching swimming jellyfish and shape-shifting octopuses in water more than 2,000 feet deep”

The core purpose of this soft new bot is to rid the harmful outdated ways of capturing and studying the mysterious depths. Traditional methods included trawling nets that end up killing specimens and basically annihilating soft specimens. “Squishy Fingers” was first born in 2014 by Gruber and Wood with the purpose of collecting and handling the delicate organisms.

Why it’s hot?

It’s so deep. This bot is able to descend more than 2,000 feet into the abyss collect, scan, and release organisms safely without harming them and without completely disrupting their ecosystem. This is an incredible solution to further the studies of the deep dark blue and not kill all the creatures!

Source: National Geographic

Another Brilliant Ikea

Ikea has developed an app that helps kids and parents repurpose old cardboard into fun things. The AR app scans the flat surface of the cardboard and provides the user with a multitude of potential crafts that can be created by the size of the cardboard and provides instructions as well. The piece was done by Wunderman with Kantar Consulting and Mini Mad Things.  “The trio of agencies reportedly analysed 50 million rows of dialogue from 17 years of online conversations between parents.”

An incremental insight that the research uncovered was that “50% of parents struggle for ideas that encourage creative play among children.” Ikea, wunderful everyday.

Why It’s Hot:

It allows parents and kids to become more creative and spend quality time together promoting problem solving skills and building cool things. Also, it’s Ikea. It’s always cool when it’s Ikea.

Plastic Measures

Plastic is one of the most abundant man-made materials found on earth. With over 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic recorded in 2017, it’s safe to say that it’s a massive problem. Bottles and bags are spearheading this problem. When purchasing a water bottle it’s evident that there are some ridiculously priced products in the market but a common misconception is “because of the brand name”, though that plays a part in the price, the cost pertains mostly to the plastic, not the actual water (how shocking).

Image result for plastic pollution

Evian, noticing this issue, is taking the first step forward and has pledged that by 2025 all of their bottles will be made from 100% recycled plastic. Eliminating the use of plastic overall would be best case scenario but this is still a righteous move. National Geographic states, “every year another 350 million tons of new plastic is created but only a tiny percentage is ever recycled.” A breakthrough came from Loop Industries’ founder Daniel Solomita who wanted “to find a way to take all of the world’s PET plastic – the most common kind of plastic”. Loop has found “a unique catalyst that breaks down PET plastic with zero heat and zero pressure” this monumental discovery is incremental to the future of recycling plastic due to the fact that the only two methods of recycling plastic at the moment utilize high heat and intense pressure.

Additionally, “This zero energy depolymerization is what allows Loop Industries to do what nobody else can do—recycle any size, shape and color of PET plastic waste into virgin-quality PET plastic resin on an industrial scale.”

Why it’s hot:
It’s so hot that it’s super cool. It really takes the pressure off of traditional methods and because the main focus is to keep the technology as simple as possible for simpler implementation and distribution no one has to take the heat. This is super exciting because this is an absolutely smashing step towards sustainability and guilt-free plastic. Now when you see a plastic bag drifting through the wind, you know it’s on its way to start again.

Source: https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2018/06/sponsor-content-revolution-plastic-recycling/ 

A Load Of Garbage

We all know the pain of waking up too early because the garbage truck just can’t keep it down as it devours fresh trash. But Volvo has that covered, the new garbage truck design is called the Volvo FE Electric and it’s designed to optimize efficiency meaning that it’ll be quietly towing your trash away (only if you live in Hamburg, Germany). The truck is powered by lithium-ion and has a 125-mile range. The truck will be available in Europe in 2019 and has a dual-electric motor model that is built to handle heavier lifting and store up to 60,000 pounds.

The Volvo FE truck is a quiet electric garbage truck.Volvo's rendering of the new electric garbage truck shows a man cradling an infant and overlooking trash collection.

Why it’s hot:
The truck is relieving the city of 66 pounds of carbon dioxide that the city’s 300 traditional garbage trucks emit. Plus it gives the garbage men a smoother ride with fewer vibrations and less rattling that’s great for the workers and for those who went to bed just an hour before garbage pick-up.

source: Mashable | waste360


A coral re(li)ef

From Hawaiian Airlines’ initiative in April to educate visitors on the harmful effects that many generic sunscreens have on the coral reefs, Hawaii has become the first state to introduce a ban on the sunscreens with chemicals believed to harm the reefs! The bill was introduced on Tuesday and if all goes well, it’ll take effect starting January 1st, 2021.

Why it’s hot:
Years of tourism has brutally impacted the reefs and accompanying ocean life leaving Hawaii to step up as they try to preserve what’s left.

source: https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2018/05/02/607765760/hawaii-approves-bill-banning-sunscreen-believed-to-kill-coral-reefs

Creepy Crawly

The optical illusion stands at 3.5 meters high, running right to you. The artist, Sergio, painted it in an abandoned building after creating the 3D render in his studio. Though he wouldn’t spill his secrets on the web, he still has people in awe at the quality of his work. But no worries, it won’t actually start crawling right towards you.

Why it’s hot:
Rather than being hot, I think it’s super cool.

source: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/giant-3d-spider-graffiti-jumps-12384512


Aloha Safely

Hawaiian airlines is gifting their passengers with samples of toxic-free sunscreen in efforts to educate travelers of the harm that other sunscreens have on the coral reefs. A recent study found that oxybenzone and octinoxate, typical elements found in the average sunscreen, result in damaging effects on the reefs. Through the end of April, Hawaiian Airlines flight attendants will be offering passengers free samples of an American-made sunscreen that doesn't harm marine life.

So lather up in Hawaiian Airlines’ eco-formula sunscreen if you’re flying from North American destinations to the islands through the month of April! 

Can you bereef it’s taken this long for something like this to happen? The airline partnered with Raw Elements to produce the sunscreen. To serve even more raw truth, Hawaiian Airlines decided to screen Reefs at Risk, an educational documentary, on all their flights. 

Why it’s hot:

This way people who can’t tan won’t burn. And they’ll hopefully make wiser choices in sunscreen purchases! Happy Hawaii-iing ~~

Source: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/airline-is-protecting-hawaiian-coral-reefs-by-giving-free-non-toxic-sunscreen-to-tourists/

Norman? More like No, Man.

This is Norman.

Norman isn’t your typical AI who’s here for you to just ask random questions when you’re bored. Oh no, Norman here was created by researchers at MIT as an April Fools prank. At the beginning of its creation, it was exposed to “the darkest corners of Reddit” which resulted in the development of its psychopathic data processing tendencies. The MIT researchers define norman as;

“A psychotic AI suffering from chronic hallucinatory disorder; donated to science by the MIT Media Laboratory for the study of the dangers of Artificial Intelligence gone wrong when biased data is used in machine learning algorithms”

Because of the neural network’s dark tendencies, the project’s website states that Norman is being “kept in an isolated server room, on a computer that has no access to the internet or communication channels to other devices.” As an additional security measure, the room also has weapons such as hammers, saws, and blow-torches in case there happens to be any kind of emergency or malfunction of the AI that would require it to be destroyed immediately.

Norman’s neural network is so far gone that researchers believe that ” “some of the encodings of the hallucinatory disorders reside in its hardware and there’s something fundamentally evil in Norman’s architecture that makes his re-training impossible.” Even after being exposed to neutral holograms of cute kittens and other fun and magical stuff, Norman essentially is so far gone that it’s just evil. While being presented with Rorschach inkblot images, Norman just went … well, let’s say in the comic universe, it’d be the ideal villain.

Why it’s hot:
We all know that AI is going to take over the world and that technology seems to be controlling us more than we’re controlling it but this almost perfectly depicts the dangers that could result in AI being developed using violence-fueled datasets.

Source: norman-ai.mit.edu & LiveScience

Tin Man had a Tin Baby?

A tin-foil baby sounds like something out of a black mirror episode, but here we are. Professors from Purdue University designed a baby made out of tin-foil, for science. The purpose of the baby tin man was to study how babies are exposed to harmful particles as they’re so close to the ground during infancy. Dangerous particles are found in higher concentration as you get closer to the ground, exposing babies to some seriously sickening stuff. Another issue is due to the fact that babies primarily breathe through their mouths, causing a lot of the filth to be deposited in the lower airways and just causes some bad effects in the long run.

Why it’s hot:
Oh, baby. It’s an interesting one for sure, but surprisingly not a lot of people care about where their babies crawl around and just let them play when they want to. This could help guide better and more cognizant parenting.

Source: Mirror


Using bee venom in therapies aren’t a new thing, it goes back to the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Chinese. This therapy, however, has been creating more buzz as of late as a patient who was a frequent visitor, had a severe allergic reaction to the treatment resulting in death. Apitherapy, the use of acupuncture and bee stings, actually doesn’t have sustainable scientific proof to its benefits but is still quite popular in Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America. It’s commonly used to treat some types of cancer, immune-related diseases, rheumatism, arthritis and other conditions that affect the musculoskeletal system.

Why it’s hot:
Fascinatingly, the patient had been participating in this therapy for the past two years, having gone every four weeks. Unfortunately, it seemed as though over the course of treatments, she accumulated a sensitivity to the honeybee venom and her body retaliated. To make the sting even worse, the clinic could’ve potentially saved her from anaphylaxis if they administered epinephrine that would ease the symptoms, but they didn’t have any at all. After emergency services arrived, it was too late.

I don’t know wasp they were thinking not having precautionary measures on hand.

Source: Live Science

Be Careful Putin That Away

Apparently, a ton of gold, over 170 gold bars as a rough estimate, fell from the sky due to a plane malfunction. A Russian cargo plane carrying platinum, gold, and diamond worth £265m just happened to malfunction, causing the hatch to fly open resulting in 20kg bricks plummeting down to earth. Talk about some heavy metal action.

Why it’s hot:
It’s basically golden. The airport runway was littered with the bricks as workers were Russian around to collect as many as they cold. Reports say that the bricks were scattered up to 15 miles away from Yakutsk Airport which is located in a major diamond producing region.

Source: Sky News

Bring me to life (wake me up inside)

Now to those who believe in prophecies this may seem like the end of the world. To be frank, a lot of people think that this may be a step too far … but it’s for science! Apparently someone at Swedish funeral agency, thought it would be brilliant if they can create an AI “replicate” of deceased loved ones so that families can have them back in their lives. They’re asking for donations (yes they’re asking for all the corpses) so that they can try to create a synthetic replica of the deceased’s voice.

Why it’s not hot:
Basically The world is going to end and we’re just going to be replaced by the AI replicas of the dead. Fun.

source: https://www.outerplaces.com/science/item/17942-dead-loved-ones-black-mirror-style-ai-copies

Killer Tech

According to Eric Shmidt, a former Google boss, we’ll be amongst killer computers in the next decade or so. But fear not, Eric believes that it’s not completely life-threatening, well, I mean, it kinda is life threatening…. like if an aircraft was fully dependent on tech making life-or-death decisions, we’d all die. But it’s fine because we, the genius species that we are, “will remain in charge of AI for the rest of time.”

Is it hot?
Unless it’s molten metal, I’m not too sure. Does this mean that the Terminator movies and iRobot were just prophecies that told the future? Let’s not glitch out about it just yet, AI is still super helpful, watching your every move, learning everything about you, your strengths, weaknesses … Good ‘ol AI.

AI? More like A…. I think not.

Source: Metro

Stick a straw in it

Strawbees, created by a Swedish start-up, is spreading STEAM one straw at a time. Pushing aside the standardization of the classroom, Strawbees emphasizes play and curiousity, encourages learning by making, and promotes experimenting and asking questions. They believe that learning is best when we have fun together!

Why it’s hot:
Their digital programming is an open-ended system that’s built on C language making it easy for beginners to learn but also allows advanced users to have fun as well. By using straws and strawbees (connectors). Their system is fully web-based instead of on an app making it work almost everywhere!

source: https://learning.strawbees.com/

Haitors Step Aside

Haitors step aside, #LoveHaiti is here to showcase the beauty that is their S*** Hole country! Creative director Fabien Dodard felt the need to respond to the “s*** hole countries” statement made by the current President. Haiti ended up receiving a lot of press after the President singled them out, infuriating many and even causing an uprising of the Haitian community where they banded together and started sharing their experiences of their country. Dodard started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money so that these ads can hopefully run in Washington D.C. With a goal of $40,000 Parkour studio hopes to get these ads out there for the President to see.

Why it’s hot:
It’s in no way affiliated with the Haitian government or its tourism agency, it’s purely done by the people for its people (you can’t be Haitian on that, it’s too beautiful). They’ve also created a website in case people search the ads and want to learn more about Haiti (https://www.lovehaiti.ht/). 

Source: AdWeek

Curiosity, the complex cat

Area 51? Area 2? Looks like the cat’s out of the bag and they’re back with even more catspiracy theories. PetSafe has returned with a sequel to their 2016 ad Catspiracy: The ScoopFree Poop Harvesting Machine. These furry friends are here to share their thoughts on how the “automatic high-tech robot” makes collecting easier for the humans to profit off of. That’s right, these felines are fixed on the idea that humans are collecting their turds to sell them in bulk. But wait there’s more, humans are actually “using their metal firebirds to haul our turds off to this – a massive sub-zero storage facility,” says Roswell, in reference to the night ball.

Why it’s the main scoop:
Step aside moon landing conspiracy theories, Cindy Clawford has a more pressing theory about the massive sub-zero storage facility: kitty litter is grey, the night ball is grey, coincidence? I think not.

Let’s hope these little friends never find out the truth about where their turds go, it may be a catastrophe if they knew. 

Source: AdWeek

Mastercard Demystified Millennials

Millennials seem to be the toughest demographic to crack, as they’re viewed as narcissistic, entitled, superficial, and several more descriptive adjectives. So Mastercard Australia made it their mission to understand what millennials really wanted from their new debit rewards program. The “Millennials Demystified” experiment was conducted by researchers at the University of South Wales and the purpose was simple, to find out what millennials really desire. Participants of the study were given 2 choices in which they had to choose which one they desired the most, the catch was that their neurological impulses let the researchers know exactly what they truly desired out of the two choices. The results? Simple. Millennials are human after all and they want to do more good than harm the world, contrary to what seems to be common belief.

Why it’s hot:
Turns out millennials aren’t soulless zombies that want to watch the world burn.

Mastercard AU

Parker the stuffed bear

Say Hi to Parker, your augmented reality bear. He’s filled with nothing but love and stuffing but he’s so much more than that. When you purchase Parker for $60 you can get the whole Parker kit that’s compatible with your iOS devices! It comes with Parker, a wooden stethoscope, wooden thermometer and a few other miscellaneous items. The idea is to promote STEAM from a young age.

It’s a great way to integrate AR with a classic toy for kids. The greatest part is that you can also purchase the $40 extension bedtime kit for more fun! Purchases aside, at least the app itself is free.

Why it’s hot:

STEAM integration is becoming more and more important and it’s an amazing way to let kids explore from the get go. But is Parker worth $100?

source: https://www.macworld.com/article/3236200/ios/parker-your-augmented-reality-bear.html

The New Religion: AI

There’s a new religion called “Way of the Future” that stems directly from the avid supporters of artificial intelligence. Way of the Future (WOTF) church was founded by Anthony Levandowski otherwise known as Uber’s fired self-driving car engineer. As Wired states, “Levandowski makes an unlikely prophet, dressed Silicon Valley-casual in jeans”.

The principles and the basis of the religion is as expected with this incredulous innovation, it’s said that WOTF’s focus activities will be centered around “the realization, acceptance, and worship of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) developed through computer hardware and software.” The concept of it kind of makes sense, despite being as absurd as it sounds. Levandowski makes a fascinating remark on the purpose of the religion’s creation stating “it’s not a god in the sense that it makes lightning or causes hurricanes. But if there is something a billion times smarter than the smartest human, what else are you going to call it?”

Why it’s hot:
Is this the unifying religion that’ll tie mankind together? Or will robots evolve exponentially and herd humans to study their “creators”?


Source: https://www.wired.com/story/anthony-levandowski-artificial-intelligence-religion/

Hurricane-Proof Houses

Due to the intensity of mother nature’s wrath in the past couple of months, causing by far the worst hurricane season to date say hello to the floating home. The home functions via a hydrolic system that allows it to rise up to 40 feet during surges. The homes also utilize solar panels allowing it to work off grid completely. These super floaters are said to cost about $2-$3 million and we will see the first prototype to float out in the Miami river in 2018.

Why it’s hot:

It’s an interesting solution to the mass destruction that’s been seen as of late. But what is the plausibility of it being a widely utilized system?

source: https://www.digitaltrends.com/home/arkup-floating-hurricane-proof-home/#/9 

You Butter Believe

Dollar Shave Club has a very fascinating new commercial. From hairless cats to wait- was that Colonel Sanders’… younger brother?! Nevermind it was just a scientist-wizard. It’s pretty (coco)nuts if you ask me, but best you just watch the spot yourself.

Why it’s hot:
The people behind me in my lecture last night definitely questioned my life choices to watch that in such a setting. But there was an interesting 360° behind the scenes video showing how all the ~magic~ was made!


Source: http://www.adweek.com/creativity/dollar-shave-club-stays-ridiculous-with-creamy-shave-butter-dreamworld/

Twitter: Can’t be fired if you quit first!

It was an unsuspecting Thursday afternoon when the @realDonaldTrump Twitter ceased to exist. Twitter released a statement responding to the issue stating “earlier today @realdonaldtrump’s account was inadvertently deactivated due to human error by a Twitter employee.” The account was gone for exactly 11 minutes, showing the classic “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” But the greatest part was the “human error,” which turned out to be an employee throwing in all they had on their last day of work and shutting down the account. Twitter responded to the situation, “Through our investigation we have learned that this was done by a Twitter customer support employee who did this on the employee’s last day. We are conducting a full internal review. ”

The people of Twitter wasted no time responding to the situation.

Why it’s hot:
The world was able to experience what it would be like to live in peace without the Tweeter-in-chief.

Source: CNN

Spotify’s Spoopy Things

Spotify and Stranger Things teamed up to flip your world upside down. Since season one was so groovy, Spotify swooped in making sure we’d be bopping to the most tubular tunes while anticipating the release of season 2 (out now on Netflix!!). With just a few clicks, a character playlist is generated based on your listening habits. I got Steve’s playlist, while I wasn’t thrilled with the character pairing, Everybody Wants To Rule The World started playing and suddenly I wasn’t so mad at it anymore. Check out the site here: Spotify x Stranger Things. You can get a recommended playlist even if you don’t link your account!

Like, it’s totally radical, I couldn’t have thought of something more wicked. 
They even had this grody feature turning Spotify into the Demogorgon’s Upside Down!
Why It’s Hot: Because things could’ve been stranger but it’s finally time to grab those eggos and enjoy (binging) season 2!


Robots Feel Too

SynTouch has developed a robot that can “feel” textures. It’s all done with a texture testing machine that allows the robot to understand a variety of the materialistic components from coarseness to coolness. The robotic fingertip rubs against the material and analyzes it in 15 different dimensions. The fingertip itself is equipped with 19 super sensitive electrodes in which a silicon skin encloses the structure. But that’s not all, saline is injected in between the space allowing the electrodes to measure the change in resistance when the finger is pressed against a surface.

Before integrating touch sensation:

After integrating touch:

The finger measures in vibrations; different materials would result in different vibration patterns. “SynTouch’s finger measures not just a material’s temperature, but its perceived temperature, by precisely measuring this rate of heat transfer.”

How it works:

Why it’s hot:
It would be an incredible step for prosthetics, amputees may be able to have robotic replacements that would allow them to ‘feel’ again. It could also revolutionize online shopping, people may never have to leave home again as consumer reviews would be able to qualify the actual feel of a fabric before purchase.

Quite the touching invention, don’t you think?

Source: https://www.wired.com/story/syntouch-robot-finger/

To Infinity and Beyond with a BFR

Tired of the earth? No worries, Elon Musk hopes to have trips to Mars available by 2024. With SpaceX’s new toy, BFR (which stands for Big F****** Rocket) is supposed to replace the current Falcon’s. The BFR is going to be 347 ft tall, 29 ft wide, and said to have 40 cabins that will store about 2-3 people, meaning there’ll be about 100 people per trip! But BFR isn’t only for trips to Mars or the Moon, Musk says it could also be a great way to travel around the world, shortening all trips to under an hour.

Why It’s Hot:
“It’s 2017, we should have a lunar base by now” – Elon Musk.

source: http://mashable.com/2017/09/29/elon-musk-mars-bfr/#Za4mL0F0PqqX

Mission E

Porsche’s first fully electric car is set to hit the roads in 2019. Although revealed back in 2015, the car is finally in its final development stages. The Mission E is said to go 300 miles on a single full battery, a top projected speed of over 250 km/h (155mph) and goes from 0-100 km/h in 3.5 seconds. It’s starting price is also likely to start around $80,000 USD. So what does this mean for Telsa and its Model S that also reaches top speed of 250 km/h and goes from 0-97 km/h in 3.1 seconds? Well, for starters the Model S is still going to be in a lower price range, meaning Porsche may still dominate in the category of high-class luxury.

Why it’s hot:
The microsite for Mission E is quite the experience, it almost makes me want to get one, but unfortunately being broke doesn’t help. It’s designed to feel incredibly futuristic and advanced, giving off an elegant, sleek, and luxurious feel.

Flying cars? Almost.Porsche - Mission E[+][+]

source: https://techcrunch.com/2017/09/17/porsches-electric-mission-e-arrives-in-2019-priced-like-panamera/


… So money DOES buy happiness?

A study done by the National Academy of Sciences found that paying other people to do your tedious distasteful tasks could lead to more happiness. Based on a survey of nearly 4,500 people from the US, Denmark, Canda, and the Netherlands. About 28% of individuals surveyed actually reported spending money to save time. Regardless of income, people seemed to have benefited from buying more time for themselves.

The researchers were able to establish a link between buying time and happiness. They also found that spending money to save time actually appeared to reduce time-related stress as well as increasing well-being.

Why it’s hot:
Everyone always says “money doesn’t buy happiness” but is this study proving that statement wrong? Money can definitely buy comfort and more convenience. Just take a look at TaskRabbit, they’ve been ahead of the game as they provide services from cleaning to minor repairs.

source: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/27/science/study-happy-save-money-time.html