British Airways Draws Attention Away From their Billboards and Into the Sky

British Airways ‘Magic’ Billboards has recently won some awards, and it’s clear why.It’s  informative, intriguing, and well executed! According to Ad Age, these digital billboards are located throughout London, and serve to highlight the company’s various destinations by encouraging passers to look up into the sky, to spot the airplane passing over.

Watch it here!

Why it’s hot | The idea behind the campaign is quite simple, but because of the technological complexity and accuracy, it’s pretty brilliant. It involves mounting an antennae on the roof of each board, which picks up data from British Airways aircraft transponders. This information is then sent to a server which detects the aircrafts origin or destination. A trigger zone was also included, providing accuracy of the aircraft passing, based on cloud altitude which showed whether the plane could actually be seen.

For a campaign which serves the purpose of drawing potential customers to their website, the agency behind the idea (Ogilvy) did a pretty good job of making it enjoyable. The only call to action in the advertisement includes the hashtag #LookUp, as well as the html, ‘’ which drives the user to a website listing of the companies cheapest flights. Well done!