The Debate over Net Neutrality


Net neutrality is being greatly discussed in Washington at the moment, with the internet being presented as an entitlement or a necessity to life. It makes one wonder whether the internet will eventually be treated as a public utility and be as highly regulated as oil or electricity. Read more here.

The future of the digital world is particularly interesting because its complicated technology is currently far beyond the comprehension of the average person. It’s just like the misunderstood structure of Wall Street. So as the technology of the world develops we find ourselves forced to be part of worlds we don’t necessarily understand. Perhaps in the future economics and computer science will be considered as fundamental to education as history or literature. Or perhaps we will see the humanities pushed out by such subjects…

Why It’s Hot:

Everyone in the digital world has to be concerned with the future of the internet itself as this entire virtual “world” would not exist without its backbone or fuel of ISPs.

Can Tinder Be Profitable?

Tinder, the popular online dating app, is here to stay. Within the past year or two, both Snapchat and Tinder were enthusiastically embraced by young audiences initially as fads, but are managing to stay relevant. As Mr. Rad, the creator of Tinder, put it “Tinder solves a problem for humanity.” How? It allows us to find partners (whether with casual or serious intentions) in a fairly efficient manner without having to be too forward (as you only “match” with someone when both parties have liked the other’s profile). More than anything else, it’s fun and easy to use. Tinder makes dating truly a game.

Yet one question that has left some people skeptical about Tinder’s ability to stay popular is whether it can make money or not. Recently, people have in fact found ways to generate a profit from Tinder, just not Tinder itself. Two new services have recently been created in order to help Tinder users make better matches. The first, TinderUS, helps you shape your image by giving advice on flirting, shaping your tagline and choosing the right photos for you for only 50 dollars. The second is a bit more pricey, as Tinder Done For You charges 375 dollars a month. Yet this service is specifically for men who want to make high quality matches but don’t have time to swipe through hundreds of profiles. Once you sign up, your profile is “manned by a team of experienced online dating experts and virtual wingwomen.”

Why It’s Hot:

Perhaps Tinder will soon start copying these services in order to generate profit. They could create premium accounts or have people pay to make sure more people view their profile. Once Tinder can find a good way to make money, it can ensure its permanency in the dating culture of the youth. Considering the fact that Tinder has already managed to become the only online dating medium that is socially acceptable among college students or people in their early twenties, I have full faith that they will manage to do so. As our lives become more and more involved with technology and social media, it will be interesting to see how dating culture is transformed.