Facebook’s “Just In Case Studies”


Facebook has created several video tutorials that tell snapshot stories in which the main characters need to complete a specific task on Facebook. The different videos have a variety of protagonists that range slightly in age, gender, and ethnicity. These videos serve as both entertainment and an information source.


Why it’s hot:

As Facebook and social media hold a greater presence in society, asking questions about its usage becomes less and less common (or less public). These videos are a quick, clear, and entertaining way to expand one’s familiarity with Facebook and find the answers to questions they may hesitate to ask. Specifically, these videos seem like they could be geared towards the parents of Millennials or others who may use Facebook, but be less familiar with its features. The presence of these ads make Facebook seem like more of a product and less of a service, revamping its image in the public eye.


source – http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/learn-how-block-your-ex-and-more-facebooks-cute-quirky-tutorial-videos-161834