Facebook Introduces Sports Stadium

Facebook is looking to make every game a little more social, even if you are not in the same room as your friends. Sports Stadium is a new feature launching just in time for the Super Bowl that allows you to chat with your friends along side the score and analysis of the game. There will not be any video of the game, but there is a tab that displays all play-by-play data.


Why Its Hot
In the ongoing battle between Facebook and Twitter, Sports Stadium is an interesting way for Facebook to begin chip away from Twitter’s in-the-moment volume.

Dating app tracks your heartbeat to find the perfect match


Dating app, Once, tracks your heartbeat to be able to find the perfect match for you.“If your heart races, then we can suggest people of similar physical and social attributes to you because your heart can not lie,” says the promotional video that launched with the app.

Once is still in its early days as a dating app, but its interest in tackling “dating fatigue” and slowing down the absent-minded act of swiping on other apps could be headed somewhere. Some hopeless romantics might enjoy a potential match per day, and even better yet, knowing how your heart really feels.


Lean Cuisine Blocks TV Diet Ads


At CES, Lean Cuisine announced that they have created a way to block “diet” ads on TV just in time for the big push of New Year’s resolution diet commercials. Traditionally Lean Cuisine has always tried not to focus specifically on weight or dieting, but instead eat and living a more balanced lifestyle. The box, essentially block the words “diet” and “weight loss” and provides a counter for users to see how many of these ads they have been able to avoid. In addition to the tool that blocks ads on TV, they have also created a Chrome extension so that you can also avoid these buzzwords on the internet. http://www.adweek.com/news/technology/lean-cuisine-found-clever-way-wipe-out-all-those-annoying-diet-ads-168887lean-cuisine-block-hed-2016