Little Kids to Swearing in Smart Car Commercial

BBDO Berlin got a bunch of little kids to swear for a Smart Car commercial. The basic message of the clip is that people who drive normal cars tend run into many stressful driving situations that cause them to swear in front of their child passengers. Smart Cars are small, easy to maneuver, and convenient to park, making driving less stressful. This lack of stress causes the driver to say less swear words, which then causes kids to hear less swear words.

Why it’s Hot:

I just thought it was very clever and risky of Smart. Many people may love this ad and appreciate Smart’s humorous tactics, while others may be offended and dislike what the brand has done.

Cyborg Arm

Open-Source Cyborg Hand is Making Prosthetics More Accessible Than Ever


Why it’s hot:

This is just another display of how amazing modern technology really is. The prosthetic limb uses lithium batteries for power and its brain is essentially a smart phone. Its parts are also all 3D printed.

The Power of Snapchat

Evan Spiegel, 25 year old Snapchat CEO, will be speaking at the upcoming Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity (one of advertising’s biggest events).


“By most measures, Snapchat has reached phenomenon status. It has changed the way teenagers use their phones, and how media companies like the Daily Mail and Vice Media publish on mobile devices, and how the NBA promotes its championship games—and now, how advertisers approach digital creative campaigns.”



Why it’s hot:

With over 200 million monthly users, Spiegel’s app has the power to shape methods of digital advertising. For example, Snapchat forces advertisers to now think ‘vertically’ instead of ‘horizontally’. Spiegel also hates targeted advertising and finds it creepy, so to the dismay of many marketers, he promises to avoid building extensive profiles on people because, “…that’s just bad and doesn’t feel very good.”