Bridging the CX Understanding Gap


As customer experience (CX) continues to drive business transformation, we are met with a general lack of understanding around what and how to move forward. Forrester research revealed more than 60% of decision makers are still holding on innovation related to the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is CX. People expect connectivity; people expect effortless data integration that improves the way they move through the world. This is nothing to delay and “assess.” The CX winners lean in hard early. They experiment. They fail. They pick themselves back up and try again.  People more than welcome that now, they expect it.

New Report: Only 2% of Brands Get Social Right


Lithium Technologies released a comprehensive study analyzing brand social behaviors. They found despite opinion from brand leads that they are navigating well through digital transformation, a very slim percentage are actually truly engaging correctly with customers.  Focus is on pushing brands messages and personalizing mainly through social advertising, not real conversation.

“According to a Nielsen study, 93% of business leaders say their company is adapting well to digital transformation, but the authors of this report feel otherwise. Though three-fourths of online Americans in 2016 expect a response to their query within the same day, and in 2014, only two-thirds expected that. Only 2% of brands consistently respond to customers’ posts according to the study. In addition:

  • 95% of brands are stuck in “broadcast” mode – not engaging customers on social channels
  • Less than 40% of brands ever ask questions of their followers (39%) or engage with follower content (35%)”

The study argues brands must approach their work from a “lifestyle” perspective and integrate completely in conversation, something Lithium calls Total Community.

Amazon Launches Next-Gen QVC

stylecode2We knew it wouldn’t take Amazon too long to connect its streaming service with its shopping genius. So here it is, Style Code Live, a daily 30-minute streaming entertainment and shopping show that claims to be this generation’s answer to TV shopping. Goodbye, QVC.  Hello, content shopping.

We’ve seen social titans Pinterest and Instagram successfully play with social shopping. This evolution signifies where it’s headed. Content will no longer just be layered with connection to product and services, but will envelop simple product selling into narratives and ongoing storylines.

Walmart Disrupts Healthcare?

8009-2-HW-Shoot-Walmart-Dallas-10.10-Store-5823-106-Accessibility is a key issue in healthcare. No surprise the titan of retail access, Walmart, is tackling the issue and looking to define its place. Walmart is quietly testing and extending wellness programming in-store and online, looking to become the chief destination of retail health and wellness, service and lower cost primary care options. Business insiders are predicting Walmart’s presence here as a major disruption in the U.S. healthcare system.

CMI wrote of the news:  In addition to making healthcare and healthier food more affordable and accessible, the retailer is focusing on preventive care and supporting overall well-being through in-store events, online education and an expanding array of healthy products and services. Walmart offers over 1,700 organic products, with nearly 10% in the produce aisle, and has been quietly opening its Care Clinic model across several markets, including Texas, Georgia and South Carolina. The Walmart Care Clinic aims to be a primary medical provider offering diagnosis and treatment of chronic and acute illnesses, as well as preventative services, such as immunizations, physicals and other health screenings.