Royal Caribbean Capitalizes on Periscope

“Royal Caribbean’s livestreamed adventure campaign [Come Seek] explains why Periscope can offer a more authentic experience than any other social media platform” – Contagious


Royal Caribbean Cruises had to combat their perception as a cruise for the older, more low-key travel target. They used Periscope to start focusing on a younger generation of adventurous seekers, to show them the true adventure available on cruises. They focused on people who have never been on a cruise before, skewing younger.

Man With His Son Swimming Underwater

By interjecting an influencer strategy, the brand filmed young adventurers doing everything from zip lining to playing with monkeys to swimming in coral reefs. All of which are more adventurous activities than the slower, older ‘cruise’ demographic.

For brands who insist on a TV spot to complete the integrated campaign, have no fear. Find the broadcast spot below:

Why it’s hot: Periscope has been dubbed the next ‘it’ social channel and very few brands have a valued presence on it yet. It gives brands the chance to tap into the authenticity younger demographics seek, and has a ‘behind-the-scenes’ feel to branded content that can dispel negative perceptions (i.e. Royal Caribbean is for old people!).


North Face’s Interactive Installation: ‘Ascent’ @ NightRay Fest

North Face’s NightRay Outdoor Fest is an overnight experience that includes music, hikes, nature exploration and adventure. The brand created an interactive light installation called “Ascent” that both blurs and highlights its surroundings in nature. The sculpture is meant to create a relationship between human aesthetics and the natural landscape.

The festival explorers could tweet #NeverStopExploring to interact with and influence the behavior of the installation. Pretty awesome experiential work!

Rihanna’s AntiDiary Mobile Experience


In true Rihanna fashion, she’s releasing her latest album in the coolest way possible. With a collaboration between Samsung and some seriously creative film directors, I’ll break it all down for you.

Go to on your smartphone (intentionally a mobile experience, it does not work on desktop). You’ll be welcomed into a mysterious world of different rooms that you must unlock clues within.

First you’re sent into “R1,” a panoramic view of what looks like a child’s bedroom, where, by shifting the angle of your phone around, you can “look” around the room. Certain items scan, taking you into various clues – from video content to sound bites to images.


As you continue through the experience into different rooms, from ‘Studio’ to ‘Closet’ to ‘Tattoo Parlor’, you are prompted to continue unlocking content and keep on your exploratory, engaging journey.


Because I’m a lowly iPhone user, I couldn’t unlock or fully experience the mystery of it all. That’s the branded catch, of course. Galaxy Samsung users get access to more rooms, and therefore are capable of solving the big mystery.


Bad girl RiRi has done it again. This mobile experience definitely got me thinking about Samsung as an innovation leader that pertains to my real  life (i.e. cool experiences with my favorite artists), which is something many technology companies struggle with when touting innovation. Why do I as a consumer really care? Well, because – Rihanna.