Share a Coke With A Friend: Couple Edition

According to AdWeek, Coca Cola released another commercial for their “Share a Coke With a Friend” campaign. This version stars a young married couple. It is playful and cheeky, which makes it an enjoyable addition to this campaign. The surprise ending is what makes this particular commercial so great. You’ll just have to watch for yourself!

Why It’s Hot?

Coca Cola has had a lot of success with the #ShareACoke campaign due to its emphasis on friendship. I have enjoyed all of the commercials created for this campaign, but this one definitely takes the cake. It really pulls at the heartstrings because of the couple’s realistic reaction to the news. I thought this was a cute and simple way to take things to the next level for this campaign. They are clearly and efficiently selling the lifestyle you get when you drink a Coke.



TD Bank’s “Automated Thanking Machine”

According to NBC News,TD Bank Canada decided to do something to thank their loyal customers who have stayed with them for many years. They turned their ATM machine into an “Automated Thanking Machine.” Instead of customers withdrawing money from the bank, the bank gave the customers money along with other assorted gifts. The gifts came out of various compartments of the ATM machine that were added specifically for this occasion. In order to promote this campaign, TD Bank utilized the hashtag #TDThanksYou. This was just their way of giving thanks to their customers who have been so loyal to them over the years since they don’t get thanked enough. It was an unexpected refreshing gesture.

Why It’s Hot?

This is a great way to make consumers feel as though what they do is appreciated. Many brands simply shove advertisements down consumers’ throats and then wonder why their sales aren’t increasing. A big reason is because consumers don’t feel the need to invest in a brand that doesn’t even seem to genuinely care for their consumers. I think a social campaign like this could really help our consumers feel appreciated. It makes the consumer experience much more personal and taps into their emotions. At the end of the day, we’re all people who want to be cared for. Simple gestures like this could go a long way. I think TD Bank did something very smart here in thanking their customers. I’m sure their customers will continue to stay loyal to them after this grand gesture.

Suzuki Swift Brand Campaign

A new brand campaign was recently released for the Suzuki Swift. According to The Drum, this commercial showcases a man encountering the Suzuki Swift, thus showcasing their slogan for this particular campaign, “you really must see one.” It basically shows that no matter where you go, you will run into a Suzuki Swift one way or another, so you might as well just buy one.

Why It’s Hot?

Suzuki had a nice approach for this campaign by making audience feel as though they were ‘meant to be’ with a Suzuki Swift. They kept showing the man in the commercial encountering the vehicle multiple times until he eventually decided to stop and actually take a good look at one. They also took this as an opportunity to show all the different styles and colors of the Suzuki Swift that exist. This allows the viewer to get a good idea of what the car looks like in different colors so that it can appeal to all audiences. It also showed some realistic encounters people have with certain cars on a daily basis. I thought it was a clever way to market the car because it was simple and to the point.

Colbie Caillat’s “Try” All About Natural Beauty

Colbie Caillat recently released the music video for her single “Try.” The single is featured the first part of her EP, Gypsy Heart (Side A), which was released on June 9, 2014. The lyric video was released a month ago, but the music video was finally released this past week. The song has received a lot of attention due to the message it embodies. It is all about natural beauty and the pressures women are put under in society to wear makeup and look “perfect.”

Why It’s Hot?

Although this music video is not an advertisement/campaign, I still think it is relevant to the industry as a whole. This was Caillat’s way of promoting her EP, while also sending out a strong message to women. I found this to be relevant due to all the campaigns Dove has been doing lately about women empowerment. This is clearly a hot topic right now. However, something that surprised me was that this music video did not receive as positive of a response as I expected. People actually criticized Caillat for this video because they felt that she still picked pretty people, so it was not authentic. They wanted more “real” people in the video as well as people with real struggles, such as disabilities. I think this is something to keep in mind if we ever choose to address this topic in any of our advertisements because there will always be people that will take things the wrong way. It is important to keep them in mind so that no one gets offended because a campaign like this would end up backfiring, even if the intentions were good.

YouTube’s 2013 Revenue Below Estimate

YouTube has become the most popular platform for video usage in the past few years. Some articles have even stated that more people watch video content on YouTube than on live television. You’d think that with the success it’s had, their revenue would be skyrocketing. However, according to Mashable, their 2013 revenue was actually below the initial estimate. YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki did not comment. If the estimate is accurate, YouTube will account for less than 7% of Google’s overall revenue.

Why It’s Hot?

YouTube is the primary outlet used for all videos, including advertisements. It is important for us to know how platforms are doing with their revenue because it can help us know which platforms to invest more in and which to put on the back burner. It is surprising that YouTube did not make as much revenue as expected considering how popular the platform has become. However, I think something that may have to do with it is the option to skip so many ads. Advertisers may think that their ads are being seen on YouTube, but most of the time users are simply skipping over the ad. I think this is definitely something to keep in mind for any campaigns we choose to do that involve videos.

Facebook News Feed Update Benefits Video Ads

Facebook recently made another change to their News Feed algorithm. According to Mashable, they tweaked their algorithm so that they could determine which users actually click “play” on videos. The users that usually click “play” on videos will have more videos show up on their News Feed, whereas users that usually skip over videos will have less videos show up on their News Feed. It is just another way to filter out certain content so that users will have the best user experience. It also will help with ads because those who tend to watch more videos will see more video ads. Facebook made a similar update in the past, but this update is more specific in that it can track which users watch videos and how long they watch them before deciding who else will see the video in their feed. The update will only effect videos directly updated to Facebook.



Why It’s Hot?

Despite the advances in social media, Facebook remains a primary social outlet that users log onto daily. People are definitely most likely to see ads on Facebook than on any other social media outlet. This update will not only help users have the best user experience, but it will also allow Facebook to cater its ads to users that will be more likely to view them. It is a much more efficient way to target an audience that will actually view the plethora of ads being placed on Facebook. I think it is something advertisers should keep in mind so that they will have a better idea of the audience they are reaching.

OnePlus One

In late April of 2014, a new phone company, OnePlus debuted their first phone, the OnePlus One. The OnePlus One calls itself the “2014 Flagship Killer” because it is a worthy competitor of the Android phones on the market now, but is being sold at a much more affordable price. A no-contract 16 GB will be $299 and a 64 GB will be $349. Android lovers are amazed at how low priced this phone is going to be given that the specs are supposed to be top of the line.

However, there is a catch. OnePlus is trying something a little different for their phone launch. Instead of going the traditional route by allowing customers to pre-order the phone, they have decided to conduct an invite system. The way this invite system works is primarily through contests. Basically, OnePlus will give away a certain amount of invites to contest winners. The winners of these invites will be allowed to purchase the phone before it officially launches, similar to a pre-order. Each person that wins an invite also receives additional invites to give to other people. The process will continue on like this until the phone officially launches.

Why It’s Hot?

The invite system that OnePlus decided to conduct is a really creative way to market their phone. It can be intimidating for a new company to release its product in bulk because they are not sure of how it will do. This concept is a really great way to get people talking about their product. Coming from a new business perspective, I think it is really smart for them to do something different. Android phones are becoming more and more popular because of the technological advances they’ve made and the fact that they’ve been able to sell their phones at a relatively low price (in comparison to iPhones). They needed to do something to stand out and I think this was a great way to do it. Most people find out about new products like this through word of mouth anyways. All they are doing is initiating the discussion and now all they have to do is wait for people to start talking. It’s actually quite genius.