Bet You Never Wanted To Go To A Furniture Store To Take Holiday Pics….

Why It’s Hot: Similar to last week, my post pertains to dogs. SHOCKER. But anyways, I thought this is a cool activation that West Elm is doing to drive customers in store.

I’m one to admit that I’m never swayed by subject lines to open a promotional email but this one got me. West Elm is partnering with ASPCA to invite customers into their stores with their pets for a holiday shoot. Customers that are interested can RSVP for their local event on the branded site so West Elm can keep track of how many people plan to attend at each location. For every attendee that shares their holiday photo from the store on social using the event hashtag, West Elm will donate $1 to the ASPCA.

Although it may seem like an odd partnership, West Elm has been leveraging animals in their campaign posts to make their furniture more marketable to pet owners. Just thought this was a great activation and timely just in time for the holidays. I’m also interested to see how the stores will be with a flood of animals around.


Waggit… if you don’t know, this post is going to be about DOGS! Best subject.


Why It’s Hot: Wearable tech has become increasingly popular over the years but to date, the products only pertained to humans. With this Kickstarter project, wearable tech will get brought to animals thus making it the first of its kind. I believe there is a demand for tech that tracks the health of pets. Unfortunately, humans can’t speak “dog” so it’s tough to dictate the health of their pets or know when they are experiencing pain. In addition, the design is very simple and can be attached to the pet’s collar making it a natural device for any pet to wear.

Clearly there is a demand for this product considering the Kickstarter campaign funded over $78K more than the $25K pledge. Can’t wait to see this product hit the market and see advancements being made in healthcare for animals.

Not Your Average Billboard

Aside from the massive upgrade to the screens in this area, the new screen (Smart TV —  even better than-4K and larger than a tennis court) will secretly spy on its environment to deliver targeted ads.

Clearly this is going to raise some privacy concern like: What kind of information will the screen detect? Will the data be collected and stored? Will personal information be shared with third-party advertisers? Are there any risks associated with hacking the camera and the billboard?

Why It’s Hot: This new type of display allows billboards to reach audiences with more targeted ads. There are cameras embedded within the screen that has the ability to track the make, model and color of passing cars. In doing so, the billboard can serve more targeted ads based on the consumer passing by. According to Landsec (company that created the screen), content can also be delivered based on the characteristics of the crowd, such as gender, age, and even emotions!

Counting Calories?

Panasonic recently showed off a prototype for its tabletop calorie counter called CaloRieco.

How it works?

The user pops a plate of food into the device that resembles a microwave. They press a button on the lid and wait 10 seconds. Then the user gets an overall calorie read for their meal, even giving a breakdown of the meal such as carbs, fat, etc.

The machine is intended to connect via Wi-Fi to the cloud, where the user can get their nutrition profile on an app.

Learn More:

Why It’s Hot: Current nutrition apps aren’t very reliable at getting an accurate read for your meal based on the portion size and amount of ingredients used. This device can help people keep track of their calories at home in a breeze. I personally feel like their was a demand for this product and its going to help people understand food nutrition much better in the comfort of their homes. Hopefully one day, the next product will be an app that can somehow scan the meal and project calories on the go, but who knows. Food for thought!

Did you download IkeaPlace yet?

With the recent release of iOS 11, Ikea released their own augmented reality app. The app was designed to help customers visualize what their purchases would look like in their space.

Users can swipe through the brand’s collections, or filter by types of products.

Two downsides:

  1. Currently there is no search function. This would be helpful for customers looking to find a product they found in store easily as opposed to browsing through the thousands of products.
  2. People are downloading it for fun to use at their offices, on the street, in the elevator, etc. Is it going to help the brand sell products?

Why It’s Hot:

Now you don’t need to stress over how something will look in your place prior to purchasing. This app is extremely interactive and provides a unique experience to the user that they can’t get with other furniture companies. Essentially, this app is going to help eliminating the stress of buying and building something that a customer would return. Which ultimately (fingers crossed) would cut down on store returns.

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I don’t watch football and Bud Light isn’t my preferred choice but this makes me want to enjoy both.

What Is It?

Starting on September 7, Bud Light is giving out beer glasses that light up after touchdowns at NFL games. Pretty cool, right? Apparently the base of the glasses are designed to light up in the color blue after every patriots scoring play. The lights on the glasses are controlled using in-stadium radio frequency technology. Sounds fancy!

Currently, the glass is for sale online featuring the Patriots and a few other teams. Anyone who orders the glass can connect it to a special mobile app that causes the glass to light up when that team scores.

Why It’s Hot: In order for their messaging to breakthrough from traditional ads at sporting events, this idea presents fans with a unique experience. I also find it smart that Bud Light is testing this concept with a few NFL teams, and will expand upon demand.

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Well this is definitely a different approach…

German supermarket giant, Aldi entered into the very competitive China market after seeing the potential that this market has. In order to appeal to this new audience, the brand reinvented itself to sell online-only, through the Alibaba e-commerce site.

Nowadays, tons of western supermarkets are trying to tap into China’s rising interest in imported foods, in addition to the rise of the middle class, their travels abroad and their concerns about the safety of local products. “Since China’s retail environment is challenging, particularly for big-box stores, most recent supermarket entrants are going into China online-only, as Costco did in 2014. That limits investment and risk, but it doesn’t necessarily guarantee big sales.”

To generate buzz for its launch, the brand created a live event that was streamed online in real-time. Given that live streaming in very popular in China, it was a tactical move to use this format to reach the online target audience. So what did this brand stream? Well, a stunt was created using their products. The brand live streamed a fashion show of couture made solely out of food that the brand sells. Yes, that’s right, models strutted their stuff down the runway in outfits like a bustier covered in popcorn, a kilt embellished with cookies, etc. The runway even was designed to as a long white dinner table, with guests seated as diners along its edges. They were eating meals and sipping wine while viewing the show. Guests were also given a connected electronic refrigerator magnet that they can use to order Aldi’s products.

The brand needed to pull a stunt this grand because China is the worl’s largest e-commerce market and consumers are constantly bombarded with options Brands have to make big efforts to get shoppers to pay attention to them.

Why It’s Hot

Olgilvy, Aldi’s current agency, knew that it was going to be a challenge to differentiate this brand from other supermarkets using a relatively low budget. Everyday, we are all tasked with budget restraints but this out of the box idea on a smaller budget led to a lot of success! Yes, this type of live stream was certainly a different approach but it captured their online audience’s attention. Who wouldn’t be entertained by a runway show with clothes made out of food?

This launch was very well thought out to the idea to use live streaming to capture buzz considering their main competitors do this and how live streaming has grown to be so popular in this market. Also to how guests of the show received a connected electronic refrigerator magnet that they could use to place orders through Aldi.

Any sock lovers here?

Ever heard of Bombas? They took nearly two years to create their product and listen to consumer needs. In doing so, they’ve created a pretty cutting-edge sock.

Why It’s Hot:

Although socks may not be the sexiest product out there, the insights that this company took to fulfill needs of customers is pretty groundbreaking if you think about. I mean after all, they are socks. All socks are created very equally aside from the brand name on the package.

Bombas took nearly two years researching and developing their product in order to have differentiating factors against its competitors.

Learn More:

Curious to know how sexy your voice is?

A condom brand, Skyn, has tapped in a new way to create engaging experience with fans through Facebook messenger.

Skyn’s Facebook Messenger-based voice analyzer is a bot that rates voices sent through chat by sensuality, mystery, intensity and sophistication. Not only can the bot predict that but it can distinguish between male and female voices. In addition, it can interpret multiple languages such as English, Italian, French, Portuguese and Polish.

So what’s the goal of this? There has to be a catch, right? Well once the bot finishes analyzing your voice, it directs you over to the brand’s website, where consumers can check out which of its condom boxes suit them best.

Learn More:

This Condom Brand’s Messenger Bot Analyzes Your Voice and Tells You How Sexy It Is

Why It’s Hot:

Not going to lie but this experience intrigued me. Isn’t everyone curious to find out how a bot can predict something like this? Technology is so fascinating. Anyways… I wanted to share this given the fact that the use of bots is on the rise and every brand constructs them differently to achieve different desired actions. Although some might not realize that this is a promotion for it’s products, the underlying fun aspect of the voice rater is a great way to spark curiosity and drive traffic to the website in a subtle way.

Evolution of Adidas Product Development

Adidas is creating its first mass-market shoe that is being produced through 3D printing. The shoe is called FutureCraft 4D and it will be in market this year. One unique aspect of this shoe (besides that it is printed) is that the 3D printing allows the brand to customize soles for its customers. Amazing right?!

Check this out too!

Why It’s Hot

I chose this for my Hot Sauce because 3D printing has always fascinated me. This technology was bound to help brands produce products at some point down the line and now Adidas is testing it out. Considering the adaption of 3D printing, its going to be interesting to see how more brands leverage this technology and cut down human labor. At the end of the day, how will this impact jobs?

Bet You Didn’t Know Starbucks Is Teaming Up With Ford and Amazon…

Starbucks announced that it has created a third-party skill for Amazon Alexa, which allows their customers to reorder their favorite drinks and food through the voice recognition technology when you state, “Alexa, order my Starbucks”.

This Alexa skill works through the Starbucks Mobile Order and Pay feature and give customers the benefits of placing an order on the go and pick it up at a nearby location without the hassle of waiting in line.

This summer, Ford will add Alexa to vehicles with its SYNC 3 in-car technology. Ultimately, this will allow drivers/passengers to press a button to ask for directions, sports scores, weather updates and everything else Alexa would normally do or answer. This also means that Ford drivers will be able to place Starbucks orders while they are in their car in a hands free way!

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Why Its Hotstar

Brands are finding new ways for consumers to purchase products, making it more accessible for them. Considering Starbucks doesn’t deliver and customers must drive to their locations to purchase products, this partnership with Ford is such a great opportunity for the brand to capture more sales and mitigate time for costumers waiting in line to place an order.

Alexa voice technology is becoming increasingly popular so it is interesting to learn about how brands will create “skills” within their tool to connect themselves and the consumer through voice.

Yes, Dads play dolls with their daughters.

Barbie has had a very trans-formative year already and they are just getting started! Not only did the brand reveal its three new body types, seven new skin tones, 22 eye colors and 24 hairstyles to appeal to a wider audience, now the brand is targeting “Dads” throughout their campaign messaging #DadsWhoPlayBarbie.


Through research, the brand was able to identify a key insight. The insight being that it has been proven that the more involved a father is in his daughter’s imaginative play, the more he contributes to her real-life development. Given this research, the brand knew that Dads needed to be more involved in the narrative that they tell.

In order to set the stage for this new campaign, Barbie made its campaign debut during the NFL’s AFC Championship game on January 22 showing how that although Sundays are dedicated to football for a lot of American fathers, they will always find tome for their daughters to make moments that matter.

High-Level Results:

Predicting How Messages Will Be Perceived By A Target Audience

Yesterday at Social Media Week NYC, I got the opportunity to attend a session presented by Mind Genomics. Going into the presentation, I knew nothing about this company and the services that they offer. However, the presentation was very insightful and eye opening to learn about technology that analyzes messaging to predict how it will appeal to consumers. The technology decodes any message that you enter into the tool by analyzing the pattern of words that the brand uses in order to predict sentiment.

Why Its Hot

This technology allows brands to understand how their messaging will relate to their target audience. Messages can be decoded by this tool to gauge the sentiment of the message that a brand is promoting and how their audience will relate to it. Ultimately, this allows brands to gain a better sense of how powerful their CTAs are before they are promoted in digital content.

Facebook Is Expanding Ad Breaks for Live and Uploaded Video

Facebook is back at it AGAIN… developing new ways to monetize their platform. The social network will soon be introducing 15 second ad breaks for Facebook Live videos within Facebook’s own app and ad breaks for publisher videos uploaded to Facebook.

It was stated that ad breaks will only be available after 4 minutes of streaming. “Facebook didn’t disclose exactly what the revenue split might be. However, it said pages and profiles with more than 2,000 followers and live audiences of more than 300 people will be able to take advantage of earning money from ads. Facebook ad breaks will only be available after four minutes, with additional ad breaks available after every five minutes.” – Marty Swant

Why It’s Hot:

Ad Breaks will allow brands to take breaks for ads during their live videos. When the broadcaster chooses to take an ad break, people watching the video will see an in-stream ad of up to 15 seconds in length. The broadcaster will earn a share of the resulting ad revenue.

The action of offering in-stream video ads shows that Facebook is trying to capitalize on the success that Google has seen from its YouTube ad offerings. I believe the beauty of live videos is that this raw content isn’t interrupted by the noise of ads so its going to be interesting to see how brands leverage this new feature and if it will result in drop-offs on their live video content.

Learn more here and here.

Facebook Competing With LinkedIn by Adding a Job Application Feature

On February 16, Facebook announced that it will begin to allow users to apply for jobs directly through the platform. The social giant is trying to make it easier for businesses to recruit valuable employees through its channel.

Why It’s Hot:

Facebook is making moves to compete with LinkedIn on its core offering. There are many benefits for businesses to invest in ads specific to recruitment outreach on Facebook as opposed to LinkedIn due to the large audience and high volume of daily active users. It will be interesting to see how LinkedIn combats this with its paid offering and targeting capabilities.

Learn More:

Facebook Wants to Compete With LinkedIn by Adding a Job Application Feature

Facebook Testing Branded Selfie Filters

The battle between Facebook and Snapchat continues…

The social giant, Facebook, recently announced that it is looking to open up a new revenue stream by improving its ad offering. The company will test brands sponsoring augmented reality selfie lenses in the style of Snapchat.

Hollywood Studios will be the first brand to gain access to this offering as an “unpaid experiment” to help promote big-budget releases and it’s expected to launch in March of 2017.

Why Its Hot: According to Snapchat, snaps with filters are viewed more than 1 billion times per day.  “Snapchat has proven that people will create content with brand filters and share it with their friends. In fact, this type of participatory marketing has forged a new category of advertising called “shared media,” which is beginning to explode even beyond the confines of the Snapchat community.” – AdWeek Guest

Facebook is looking to capitalize on the success that Snapchat has been receiving by experimenting with a similar offering. Currently, no other mainstream ad product has persuaded people to voluntarily brand themselves and then organically share content of their branded selves across their social networks

It will be interesting to see how Facebook’s audience reacts to the feature considering users on Snapchat have the option to view branded content. Whereas on Facebook, branded content will be served to users in Newsfeed, Knowing this, how will Facebook try to combat branded content becoming invasive considering that is the beauty of Snapchat right now?

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Follow the Leader

“Global warming is an obvious and imminent threat that’s already wreaking havoc in some communities. But this ad, from the environmental group Defend Our Future, doesn’t really tap into the audience’s lizard brain and strike fight-or-flight nerves the same way an approaching inferno would. In other words, however clever the approach, it seems more suited to observational musing than lighting a fire under those content to keep living life as if the human race weren’t engineering a far less habitable planet, largely by inertia and indifference. It’s certainly notable enough to spark conversation, and hopefully some action. The organization is challenging would-be-participants to commit to using reusable water bottles (perhaps a Bobble, if you’d like some snark with your purchase), start a bike share or write a letter to a governor. Though any one of those things might be asking too much of someone who’d rather breathe through a shirt than leave a room thick with fumes.” – Gabriel Beltrone

Read More:

Why It’s Hot

From a social perspective, we see that people are more inclined to do something/follow a trend when they see others participating. Examples: Selfies, Ice Bucket Challenge, etc. This video is a prime example of  the classic social psychology experiment on bystander apathy.

Nissan Goes Big With College Sports in New Sponsorship Deal

Nissan has locked down sponsorships for 100 colleges and universities — from the University of Alabama to the University of Wisconsin — in what the automaker is calling the “widest-reaching sponsorship in the history of collegiate sports.”

The four-year-deal includes permanent Nissan signage in hundreds of stadiums and arenas and gives the company the rights to use school logos in TV ads. All told, the pact will cover 22 men’s and women’s sports at the schools, allowing the automaker to reach 22 million alumni and 188 million fans nationwide, according to estimates provided by Nissan.

“We saw this as a white space,” he said in an interview. “There is no one activating it in automotive at this scale nationally 11 months out of the year, always on.”

Nissan, he said, created a custom marketing playbook for each school. So for instance, regional and local TV ads for Nissan and its dealers will be tagged with logos and slogans for the local university — such as a “Hook ’em Horns” message in Nissan ads in Texas. Plans also include print, radio and social media ads as well as in on-campus publications.

There will be plenty of on-the-ground marketing, too. This weekend, for instance, Nissan is setting up face-painting booths at several campuses at which the deal begins immediately, including Ohio State and the University of Southern California.

To hype its new association, Nissan is launching a “Diehard Fan” app that allows fans to virtually paint their faces in their favorite team colors. Fans can choose from designs representing nearly all 100 collegiate teams in the new deal. The app allows fans to put virtual face paint over an existing picture or portrait. The designs were created by hand-painting them on human models and then digitally remastering them for the app.

v jhdfs

About the app:

The article can be found here.

Why It’s Hot

Overall, this is a cool idea for this brand to become involved in ads promoting one of the most popular American sports which will allow them to appeal and target to a younger demographic. Also, this type of app/sponsorship opportunity ties nicely into the Superbowl hype which is already a tough day for brands to showcase their work and stand out. Knowing this, Nissan has already claimed an advantage over other automotive brands.


Country Roads: Helpful Hazards

Read About It:

Why It’s Hot

Typically when you think of advertisements, you don’t think of cattle. Knowing that people are served thousands of messages a day, whether it be by mobile, TV, or the standard billboard sign… people often miss the crux of all ads because the space is flooded with messages. Therefore, I think this was a very clever idea because its all about thinking outside of the box in order to grasp someones attention. The placement couldn’t be any more perfect considering that people can’t help but to sight see and look at animals in the countryside.

Immersive Mobile Ads on Facebook

“The ads take advantage of recent calls for vertical video and image capability. When users click on an ad on Facebook on their smartphone, they are taken to an immersive slideshow of images.”-  Carianne King

Read more:

Read this too:

Why It’s Hot

The concept and idea for the ad was built out of the conversations held at the Cannes Lions Festival this year. I love how this ad is extremely interactive and will keep users more engaged for longer on mobile. Considering that social users are preferring mobile to desktop, this ad will be a great area for many brands to explore!

DKNY Gets Personal for New York Fashion Week With Instagram Direct Campaign

This year, Instagram made a lot of changes and updates to compete with other social channels, particularly in the messaging sector. One update that the platform tweaked was their Direct Messaging feature that enabled fans to interact with brands on a more personal level.

See how DKNY is using Instagram Direct to engage with fans: “In an intiative conceived under the creative directors and DKNY’s first Chief Image Officer Hector Muelas, the brand will use Instagram’s newly updated messaging feature, Instagram Direct, to provide fans personalized content on how Mr. Osborne and Mr. Chow conceived those designs, ranging from explanatory videos to sketches to behind-the-scenes images.” – Ann-Christine Diaz

Read More:

DKNY Instagram Direct campaign

Another shot of DKNY Instagram Direct campaign

Why It’s Hot

Fashion Week is the center of the fashion industry where people flock to the show to get an inside look into trends and work of the designers. To launch DKNY’s new collection, they decided to create personalized messages for fans engaging with them on social media. This was a very great way for the brand to show appreciation to their fans and it was a creative way to showcase their latest line on the ultimate creative platform.

Genius Back To School Campaign!

“Ziploc gives a twist to the traditional back-to-school ad with a campaign in which the “kids” are actually played by animals. A series of spots entitled “Little Beasts,” by Energy BBDO, show adults playing the teachers and parents, while “beasts” like llamas, monkeys and goats play the students. All the ads carry the endling: “Kids are a trip. Pack accordingly.” – Alexandra Jardine


Why It’s Hot

Because what’s funnier than commercials with animals! These ads are captivating and hilarious. I love how this ad targets both parents and children at the same time to tie in the theme of back to school. I think this was a great idea for Ziploc and is socially shareable.

Man uses his iPhone to insert TV and movie characters into everyday life

I’ll let the following content speak for itself…Capturesfvfdb


Read More:

Why It’s Hot

This concept marries well into the average Instagram users state of mind. When a person goes on Instagram, they are drawn towards images that evoke creativity. Therefore, this simple idea is very noteworthy because one simple concept like this can start a trend across digital. It’s all about keeping things simple while still thinking outside of the box.

VW Listened and They Crafted

“Volkswagen Netherlands aired a TV spot in April in which VW owners had great expectations for their other possessions—including one mother who couldn’t understand why baby strollers don’t have automatic braking.”

VW then decided that their ad was relevant enough to share with their Facebook fans so they did just that! However, they didn’t realize what could come of this post. The most-liked comment came from a fan who suggested that VW build a futuristic stroller, just like the one seen in the commercial. And leave it to VW, they did just that and created a video to showcase the process.

In the video, you’ll notice that it includes a cameo from the Facebook fan himself, and also shows some humorous footage of the stroller in action.

Why It’s Hot

“People don’t want to be paid, they want to be paid attention to.” Ultimately, VW truly leveraged social listening and was able to deliver relevant content that was specific and demanded by their audience. This allowed them to establish engagement organically, which is something that is becoming less common on Facebook.

Hefty’s #SaidNoSchoolEver Campaign

In a effort to bring a real issue to light, Hefty created the #SaidNoSchoolEver campaign to raise awareness about the challenges that teachers and public schools face. Over the years, Hefty partnered with Box Tops for Education in which they have donated over 3.5 million dollars to this initiative.

See how they are playing up the social space with this shareworthy campaign…

Why It’s Hot

This campaign is both culturally relevant and shareable. I love how Hefty is using their platform to raise awareness for a real-time issue. Now everyone go out there and buy some Hefty products to collect those Box Tops!

Yoga and Beer… A Relaxing Combination!

Recently, Lulelemon launched its new line of athletic wear to cater to men. However, they threw in an usual product to entice men to shop there!

Through trial and error, Lululemon was struggling to expand its company into the menswear sector. Therefore, after much consideration and thought, Lululemon developed its own craft beer this summer to draw in male customers.

However, some of Lululemon’s female customers are upset over this move considering that the company is taking some attention off of them and putting it onto the males. One female customer states on social media, “Not for nothing, but ladies drink beer too, FYI. But maybe they’re not the right size/prototype/muse for this special man brew?”.




Read more:

Why It’s Hot

This move was certainly an interesting move for Lululemon but this strategy is helping the company drive buzz and spark many audiences attention. Well played, Lululemon.

What will happen when Facebook turns on monetization for content creators?

On average, videos featured on the Lad Bible Facebook page are generating 5.6 million views. How so? They are leveraging their community to promote viral video content created by their fans. “The user becomes a brand ambassador because they feel like they’re a part of the community.”- Logan Vild

Did you know that on a daily basis, Lad Bible receives over 1,000 submissions? The power of a brand promoting UGC content continues to be expressed throughout social as brands want to show that their fans are what make their brand. Ultimately, this approach helps establish and maintain a positive and engaging community.

Lad Bible recognized the influence that promoting UGC content had on their brand. Considering that most brands are doing this now with photo content, it’s interesting to see a brand use UGC video content because most videos that brands promote on social are of high quality and are branded.

Since most viewers watch Facebook video content on mobile, there is power behind a brand promoting UGC video content because it tends to be easily digestible and short. Therefore, the over obsessing of brands needing to spend big bucks to produce the “coolest” videos is solely diminishing because brands like Lab Bible are capitalizing on this free and effective way to promote video content.

“We have taken a strategic decision to create, acquire, partner and produce video for all platforms.”- Logan Vild

Read more:

One of Lab Bible’s videos: 

Why Its Hot

Considering that platforms are dabbling into awarding users that create viral content such as Youtube videos, will Facebook begin to award their users as well? What are your thoughts? How will brands like Lad Bible tackle this?

#TravelforReal with Loews Hotels

Typically hotels promote themselves in a fashion that can only be displayed to make you want to stay there through beautiful, high-resolution images. However, Loews Hotels is taking a different approach in their “Travel for Real” campaign.

The brand used social media to foster this idea. They took to Instagram to see what types of content their guests posts and when they discovered their photos, it sparked an idea. Their new campaign will promote guest photos as opposed to those over photo-shopped images guests are used to seeing.

What they found is that guests are more connected to the brand through this campaign and are more willing to use their branded hashtag. It also entices users to want to post their images along with the hashtags because let’s face it, every guests photo wants to be an ad for Loews Hotels.

Now when gets stay at a Loews, they won’t be let down because they will know that what they see is what they will get.

Read more:

Why It’s Hot

Brands are understanding the benefit in promoting user generated content. This is just a prime example of how a hotel brand can diversify itself and become more relatable for their audience.

Glorix Is Trying To Send A Message Through Art

Glorix recently launched its new message in a unusual and artistic way. This bug spray brand created an exhibition to showcase their “Blood Portraits” in the hopes of having people buy into their brand and save lives in the process.

This Russian brand is attempting to sell their brand with the idea that donating blood can help save a person’s life but in order for us to do that, we need to stop donating it to mosquitoes.Therefore, you must us Glorix to stop the mosquitoes from stealing your blood.

The exhibition that Glorix has created has nearly doubled in size since its launch recently because people are curious to see these unusual paintings. So what are the paintings and how do they relate to bug spray? Instead of using paint, Glorix teamed up with a Russian artist to create portraits using mosquito blood. Odd right? However, this weird idea helped spread the message that we as humans need to stop letting mosquitoes steal our blood and put it to more effective use.

Read More:

Why It’s Hot

This is just a great example of how brand’s should think outside of the box to not only raise awareness for their brand but help humanity out in the process. It certainly sparks attention in a different and creative way.

Selfies Are Influencing Where We Choose to Go On Vacation!

Having trouble deciding where to go on vacation? Turn to social media. Social media users are automatically influenced by the accounts that they follow when deciding where and why to go on a particular vacation.

“For those who are completely absorbed by the selfie phenomena, determining an ideal vacation spot is no easy task. Gone are the days when temperature and climate took precedence in choosing a travel destination. Today, a new kind of selection process is upon us, one heavily regulated by the proliferation of social media and the ability to instantly share every aspect of visiting a certain part of the country/world.”- Kevin DeeganCapture

People are now selecting vacations for the social return aspect that their photos will establish. This is because vacation experiences must now include feed-friendly moments. These moments have to be ones that can be captured and shared instantly across social media.

“Potential vacation goers are attracted to specific destinations with the allure of increasing their influence among their social followers. (After all who doesn’t love a few Instagram likes?) For example, the appeal of sharing your vacation to Fiji while paddle boarding among dolphins resonates with potential vacation goers far more than a trip to see antiquated statues in Hungary. Thus, specific locations are being booked far quicker than others, simply because social media is playing a factor in the decision making.”- Kevin Deegan

Travelers are also choosing to book vacations with different hospitality companies because they offer experiences for guests to capitalize on their selfies. One hotel is Paris offers special trips for its guests to go on an adventure around town. They take them to the perfect selfie spots so guests can take photos and instantly upload them to social media.

Did you know… animals are also influencing where we go on vacations as well? A destination in Australia that is home to the quokka has lured in hundreds on thousands of tourists because everyone wants to take a selfie with this creature’s cute and photogenic smile. Until recently, few people outside of Australia have heard of this animal but now everyone is booking their trips to go and meet them. vRe9NfX

Why It’s Hot

Although we are aware of the trend that selfies have taken throughout the past couple of years, now we can see that they are impacting where we travel to. Travelers are actively searching through their social media accounts for destination hot spots that engage well with other user. Knowing this, people are going to great length to capture a selfie that depicts the essence of their vacation. “Selfies that users view on their feed, depicting a cool location or attraction, actually act as a catalyst for viewers to travel to that particular destination. It’s a selfie world these days, we’re all just living in it and traveling through it.”- Kevin Deegan