You’re Staying Where for the Holidays?

Seeing family over the holidays is one thing, staying the night is another. HotelTonight created digital ads to run across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that depicts why you might reconsider where you spend the night. The startup’s internal creative team partnered with Odysseus Arms agency and have since doubled brand awareness.

Why is this hot?

The holidays are stressful. Comedic ads in our digital space clearly puts an ease on this.



Fidget Spinner Out. Feel Flux In.

Fidgeting at work or at school to calm nerves or to focus on a current activity is not a new thing. However, it is a new trend. Hold your attention and defy gravity with Feel Flux. There are two parts to the toy: a tube, and a ball. The ball is made of the world’s strongest magnetic force; when paired with the tube, the electrical current literally slows down gravity.

Why is this hot?

Feel Flux uses Lenz’s Law. The law explains that a strong magnetic force is counter intuitive to the current inside a copper or aluminum pipe, or in this case a tube which slows down the flow of gravity. The two engineers who came up with the toy are from the birthplace of the Rubik’s cube: Budapest, Hungary.

And as always, pairing science with boredom is always a good idea.



Can’t Cook? IKEA’s Got You.

Remember when it was difficult coloring inside the lines? They made “Paint-By-Number” for that. If you have trouble cooking inside the lines of deliciousness than you probably should check out IKEA’s “Cook This Page.” The yet-to-be-released cooking page literally lays it out for you. Each ingredient is drawn out so that you can place them down, roll it up, and it eat all! (Yes, even the paper.)

Why is this hot?

We live in a world where we are in a perpetual state of making everything easier. We’re working toward an era where our cars drive themselves, our phones talk to us so that we don’t have to, and so on. This innovation is for those who cannot cook; and it works.


‘Snatch’ Is Pokemon Go With Real Prizes

Pokemon Go proved successful when users caught Pokemon with augmented reality. Using a similar concept, ‘Snatch’ allows users to travel as they normally would but the rewards are not strictly virtual. With Snatch, users can collect real-life discounts, cash prizes and actual vacations.

Why it’s hot: 

Snatch users expect to interact with brands on the app because of the corresponding discounts and branded prizes. This leaves space for advertisers to influence a (soon-to-be) massive audience.

It’s Common Sense, Put The Phone Down. #DeviceFreeDinner

Common Sense Media, a non-profit built to educate families about technology, worked with Will Ferrell to send a digital message about digital messaging. The campaign is supported by Comcast’s Xfinity.

Why it’s hot:

Common Sense Media’s advertisements for this campaign are bite-sized but the message is enormous. This is a good example of getting an audience’s attention without committing to 2+ minutes of advertising space.

Technology and how we exist in such a digital space is important, but family is far above that.


Headless Pet

Want a pet but are too lazy, allergic, or maybe even a little weird? Japanese company, Yukai Engineering produced a solution: Qoobo! It’s basically a headless, motion-detecting cat pillow. For just $100, it’s expected to be in your lap by June 2018.

Why is this hot?

All jokes aside; this product can be greatly therapeutic and eliminates responsibility. It also gives us insight as to where technology is today. If pets are absolutely not an option, this is an easy Plan B. (Comes in Husky Gray & French Brown!)

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