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New Opportunities with Virtual Masks App “MSQRD”

MSQRD (masquerade) is bringing virtual masks to a new level. It’s taking Snapchat’s face filters, L’Oreal Makeup Genius, Sephora Virtual Artist but democratizing it. MSQRD has a principle of openness and will enable more brands or artists to adopt this technology.


They open their SDK to fit into any mobile app (iOS/Android) and computer software (Mac/Windows), they enable creatives to upload and sell their masks, and they provide an editor tool that allows you to upload an image to make your own.

Their technology seems to be the most responsive and realistic compared to the aforementioned apps. The speed of the facial recognition, the physics of the movement and the edge blending make it standout. The app itself is very lightweight (less than 60MB), so plugging into a mobile experience will not really slow anyone down.

Check out the demo of the Joker, SnoopDogg, Freddie Mercury.

Why It’s Hot

With VR becoming more accessible and the capabilities to immerse ourselves into other world’s seeing regularity, the growing opportunities to mask and reflectively become someone/something else adds an entirely new layer to it. Who wouldn’t want to be Drake, J.Lo, or Mr. Mucus?

Download MSQRD (iOS only).