Something to feel really good about

So this is actually my first Hot Sauce post, so I hope you guys won’t think it’s corny that I chose one of our own work examples for my first post, but I don’t think it’s an example that many of us have heard about yet, especially here in the New York and Princeton offices. Part of what I have been doing as Global Growth Coordinator is congregating as much work as possible from our international offices, and while I have been doing this, I came across this very recent case study for Unilever’s Cif. After hearing about what our MRM//McCann office did in Romania, it will probably make you feel all warm, fuzzy, and most importantly proud inside.

Campaign from MRM Romania's office

Campaign from MRM Romania’s office

Our fellow co-workers over in “Bucharest, Not Budapest” realized that something desperately needed to be done regarding the enormous amount of offensive graffiti across their country. So as we at MRM//McCann do best, we integrated the power of the digital world into the real world in order to make a splash. While harnessing the power of creativity, our friends created something necessary and game-changing. The MRM//McCann Romania office created an app where users could upload photos and the geo-localization of aggressive messages. Users could also upload photos and geo-location sites on Facebook and the Cif website. Once these locations were received, Cif would send out their cleaning team to clean up the unpleasant words and images spotted by the local citizens.

The Cif App

Between February 20th and May 30th of this year, the campaign not only helped to clean a total of 385 places, but the app also became the most downloaded app on the Appstore in its category. But even with all this, the most important takeaway is that this campaign was not about cleaning, it was about making a positive difference in these communities. As noted in the case study video below, local residents are now able to go about their daily lives a little easier knowing that they don’t have to pass these offensive images anymore. When signs of negativity are washed away (no pun intended), then people can start to feel more secure. It’s the human spirit which will always trump anything else in this world. Besides building incredible brand awareness and interaction within Romania, this campaign is a beautiful reminder as to how we can use not just what we do on a daily basis, but our company as a whole, for the greater good of humanity anywhere in the world.