China Revokes all Restrictions on Gaming Consoles

Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft will now be able to manufacture and sell video game consoles in China without any restrictions.

A longtime ban on consoles has been completely lifted after a pilot reform program was deemed a success, according to a statement from China’s Ministry of Culture.

Video game manufacturers must still comply with strict regulations, obtain business licenses from the government, and ensure the gaming systems don’t promote anything that would “harm national unity … [or] violate public morality.”

The rule change means the makers of Xbox (MSFT, Tech30), PlayStation (SNE) and Wii (NTDOF) now have complete access to China’s fast-growing consumer sector. Previously, consoles were only allowed to be made in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, an experimental testing ground for economic reform.


playstation2slimline2o52_1414748759Why It’s Hot: China is known for its communist government which heavily censors media such as images, films, foreign news outlets, and select websites. They block out content that could harm national unity and content that holds politically sensitive information. The game consoles were banned for many years along with certain game titles. The fact that this ban has been lifted proves that China is slowly taking steps forward in the right direction. It is only a matter of time before they open up their market in definitely.

Uber Now Delivering Smartphones

When you think of Uber, you think of getting a ride somewhere, but the company wants to broaden its horizons and Xiaomi is happy to help out. Xiaomi, one of the fastest growing smartphone manufacturers, has teamed up with Uber to deliver Mi Note smartphones in Singapore and Malaysia.

What’s even cooler is that ordering a phone is no different than requesting a ride. All one needs to do is open the Uber app on their current smartphone, select Xiaomi from the bottom slider, and orange colored Uber cars equipped with Mi Notes will appear. Just hit request, and your shiny new Mi Note will be delivered within a few minutes. The credit card tied to your Uber account will be charged for it.
Xiaomi’s deal with Uber appears to be part of the Uber Merchant Delivery Program, which is a pilot program in which Uber drivers and UberRush Couriers offer same day deliveries of goods for online shoppers. The program began testing a few months ago, and it was reported that many known brands like Neiman Marcus, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany’s, Cohen’s Fashion Optical and Hugo Boss were in talks with Uber.


Why It’s Hot

Uber has just recently become a huge new source of reliable transportation. It offers accuracy and dependency in every Uber trip you may take. It gives you the ability to track your car and the ability of knowing how far away your car is. This is something that hadn’t happened before and when you compare taxis and trains to Uber you realize how much more productive and efficient it is.

Now, in addition, they have created a service that will deliver a newly bought cell phone straight to your front door. Therefore, not only is Uber there to give rides, but it has the capability of delivering items such as new cell phones and will soon be able to deliver much more. This is just the beginning of Uber’s future possibilities and other companies that will be able to thrive off of these innovative ideas.