Nolan’s Cheddar


Why it’s hot:

Well, there is no Nolan’s Cheese. But there is a John Nolan. And he makes animatronics and special effects for films. You know, like this viral one that you just watched.  Which won’t sell a pound of non-existent cheese but well may garner work and inquiries for Mr. Nolan.

This is a spot for a cheese billed as “Seriously Strong” and “Award Winning Cheddar Since 1859.”  Over :90 rather amusing seconds, we watch the adventure of a mouse as he plays with fire by eating cheese off a trap, falls victim to the spring arm, and then battles back mightily.

Shazam Is Always Listening…

After a partnership with Apple that includes integration in Siri in iOS 8, music identification service Shazam is getting even cosier with Cupertino with a new Mac app available now. The app is free on the Mac App Store, and installs as a menu bar application that runs in the background, listening to the music being played around your computer (or through its speakers) and identifying them via a simple notification while keeping a history of what’s been played.



It’s neither complicated nor feature-ridden, but it’s a handy little app if you’re using your computer while watching TV and are curious about the soundtrack to a show or the show itself (it tags TV, too), plus it could come in handy if you’re working in an office setting while listening the to radio and working on your Mac.


Unlock Your Smartphone With A Tattoo

Moto X smartphone users can now unlock their device by tapping it against a so-called “digital tattoo.”

On Tuesday, Motorola Mobility released a video showing off its latest smartphone accessory. Not quite a tattoo, in the permanent sense, the item is actually an adhesive bandage equipped with near-field communication technology.

Watch Here:

Why it’s hot:

According to a post on the company’s blog, the average person takes 2.3 seconds to unlock his or her phone. This happens usually 39 times a day. Motorola isn’t the first company to release a hands free password technology. Apple released a fingerprint scanner with the iPhone 5S, and Samsung has also released a hand gesture capabilities to unlock a mobile device.


Who Doesn’t Love Tiny Animals?

Workplace productivity has gone out the window once again thanks to “Tiny Birthday for a Tiny Hedgehog,” the latest time-wasting video from agency HelloDenizen that has first-worlders convulsively hitting replay.

The Los Angeles shop, on a self-promotional odyssey of precious proportions, unleashed “Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos” in April. It has nearly 8 million YouTube views (though you can watch it below if you’re late to the fiesta). Now the hamsters join their hedgehog pal for a bash that’s racked up 1 million views since launching a week ago.

watch below:

Tiny Hamster:

Tiny Birthday:

Finding Your ‘Future’ Self

Crystal Ball


A few months ago, LinkedIn came to a man named Kurt Wagner with an unusual proposition. How would he like to meet his future self?

The offer came a few weeks after LinkedIn opened its publishing platform, meaning anyone on the service could write a blog post tied to their profile. He was looking for something personal to write about — and that’s when company reps suggested they could identify a user who fit his projected career path, predicting where he might be professionally in five years.

This is what the search yielded:


Why It’s Hot:

LinkedIn does have its eyes on student users. As Roualdes mentioned, it’s the company’s fastest growing user segment. It’s an interesting opportunity for LinkedIn, a chance to move from supporting your career to actually predicting it.


Project Cardboard

The surprise hit of Google I/O was without a doubt Cardboard. Google’s paper product –or phone-based VR viewer — made its debut during yesterday’s keynote, and today, David Coz, the project’s founder, revealed its origins.

Why it’s hot:

So why use cardboard? Coz said he started working with it because it was an easy way to hack together a prototype, but he also liked it because he wanted the viewer to look really simple. All the processing, after all, is handled by the phone. In addition, he noted that Google wants anybody “to just take scissors and staplers and modify it.”

The Only Pen You’ll Ever Need


A futuristic tool may open up a colorful new world for doodlers.

Imagine, instead of being forced to resort to “Forest Green” for the grass in your next masterpiece, you could take Photoshop’s “eyedropper” tool to extract the color from a single, blade of grass and turn that color into ink.

Scribble is a new device that lets you do just that. The pen matches hues from the world around you and transfers them onto paper or a mobile device. For the latter, the tool works in conjunction with a stylus and a mobile app to sync the colors that attract you onto your phone or tablet.






















So long colored pencils and markers! Scribble is now introducing a pen that captures colors from any object around you. There are two scribble models, the pen that works like a regular marking pen on regular paper, and the stylus that works with your tablet, smart phone, or laptop. Both the stylus and pen connect with the Scribble mobile app (which is FREE!), to instantly synch every color you scan directly to your mobile device. The only limitation here is your imagination.