Snapchat Voice Recognition Lenses


Starting August 1st, Snapchat has launched different lenses that animate when users speak simple words such as “love,” “yes,” “no,” wow.” Previously, lenses only worked with facial motions detected such as rising eyebrows or opening your mouth.

When these simple words are spoken it adds AR elements to the screen and is able to draw user engagement.

Why It’s Hot: This new technology in Snapchat, will allow users to be more engaged and be open to advertisers further down the road, similar to how lenses are currently used. This has the potential for users to use buzzwords related to a particular company, but ultimately proves to get user engagement with a brand.

Amazon Hub: A Broader Logistics Play


Amazon is introducing an alternative method of getting packages to your door. As pictured above, these Hubs are large metal locker units in a common area of an apartment complex in which people can pick up their packages 24 hours a day. Amazon Hub also notifies you when a package has arrived, and they access their package with their own code at their convenience, and can grant permission to property staff to handle common delivery tasks such as signing for packages (not just from Amazon).

Amazon Hub is being targeting at real estate companies- they already have signed major property manager such as AvalonBay, J.P. Morgan Asset Management and Equity Residential.

Why It’s Hot:

A cnbc article about Hub says: “It’s another hint that Amazon is eyeing a broader logistics play and the first time the company has ventured beyond its own transactions and shipments.” This is significant, specifically for MRM because it’s in direct competition to our USPS account, seeking to be a last-step delivery option for FedEx, UPS, and private mail.