Art Auction Where Bids Are Collected by User’s Emotional Response

Swedish glass maker Kosta Boda and its digital agency Ellermore hosted an auction that gave away three unique pieces of glass art based solely on emotions rather than the highest monetary bids.

Each of the 300+ participants viewed the auction pieces in a private room, while hooked up to a heart rate monitor and galvanic skin response (GSR) sensor. The monitors would record the participants’ biometric response to seeing the art for the first time, and the person with the highest emotional response was awarded the art. While the person was hooked up, other participants could view the person’s live response on TV monitors setup in a common space, which added to the competitive nature of the auction.

Why It’s Hot

With the advent of incorporating inexpensive biometric sensors within many different consumer technologies like smartphones and wearables, we are opening our bodies to data collection that create new and interesting ways. This auction took that data and twisted it into a competition.  Perhaps in the future we will use other biometric data to bypass the traditional purchase process.  For example, new variable pricing models could be created to price products/services based on your emotion, desperation, etc.

Source: PSFK

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