Are Connected Cars a Timely Novelty or Really the Future of Auto?

It seems that every week we are discussing new technology in the automotive industry – ranging from better GPS systems and windshield displays to driverless cars. But it’s yet to be seen if all this effort put into improving the convenience of virtually everything while driving is a timely novelty or actually the way transportation will be in the future.

Statista recently released statistics on connected cars, or cars embedded with Internet access. In 2013, there were already approximately 23 million connected vehicles around the world, with technology to help drivers with engine controls, automatic crash notifications and safety alerts, remote engine start and door locking, etc. It is estimated that by 2020, there will be 152 million connected vehicles.

Infographic: Connected Cars By The Numbers | Statista

Read more about connected vehicles on Statista.

Why It’s Hot | Of the uses for connected vehicles, Statista shows driver assistance and safety to be among the top currently and in the future. While this is better than having entertainment be the main focus (aka distraction), it does show that as a society we are moving further in the direction of physically doing less. Though Google’s driverless cars seemed like something out of Wall-E, they might not be as far into the future as we expect.

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