Another Brilliant Ikea

Ikea has developed an app that helps kids and parents repurpose old cardboard into fun things. The AR app scans the flat surface of the cardboard and provides the user with a multitude of potential crafts that can be created by the size of the cardboard and provides instructions as well. The piece was done by Wunderman with Kantar Consulting and Mini Mad Things.  “The trio of agencies reportedly analysed 50 million rows of dialogue from 17 years of online conversations between parents.”

An incremental insight that the research uncovered was that “50% of parents struggle for ideas that encourage creative play among children.” Ikea, wunderful everyday.

Why It’s Hot:

It allows parents and kids to become more creative and spend quality time together promoting problem solving skills and building cool things. Also, it’s Ikea. It’s always cool when it’s Ikea.