Amazon’s New Patent Could Change Online Shopping

After introducing Prime Wardrobe last year, it’s clear that Amazon isn’t quite done combining fashion and technology.

According to Geekwire, Amazon’s “Blended Reality Systems and Methods” patent was published by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on January 2. It mixes cameras, displays, and projectors to create the futuristic device that blends real images with CGI.

In simpler terms, Amazon has created the potential for a smart mirror that uses blended technology to give customers the ability to try on digital clothes in a variety of different digital settings without leaving home. If you’ve ever wanted to know how your dress will look on the beach, you could be in luck – if the mirror ever becomes a real product.

At least a portion of this technology comes from Amazon’s acquisition of startup Body Labs last year. The company boasts AI, computer vision, and body modeling expertise, and aims to create true-to-life 3D body models to support various b2b software applications.

Why it’s hot:

This technology obviously has the potential to transform how customers shop for clothing. A smart mirror could provide a more seamless solution for one of the significant drawbacks to online shopping: the inability to know how something will look on you before you buy it (and the inevitable online return and exchange nightmare). In fact, this technology takes that solution a step further by providing a service that physical retail stores just can’t provide: the ability to see how your clothing will look in the setting in which you plan to wear it. This technology also speaks to the climate of immediate gratification that goes hand in hand with the digital space; instead of waiting for an item to arrive at your home (even with 2-day Prime shipping) so that you can try it on, you can try it on as quickly as you can pick it out (which might not be good for our wallets).