Amazon’s Fire Phone Is More Than Meets the Eye

While currently exclusive to AT&T, Amazon revealed its first smartphone earlier this week, which is home to a multitude of new capabilities. For starters, it has a new function known as an “auto-tilt” which allows users to tilt the phone on an angle for an easier, faster scroll. It also has “dynamic perspective” which adjusts according to how the user is looking at the phone. The smartphone has four cameras installed on the front that allow for the phone to register the movement and angling of the viewer. One of its most interesting features is known as “Firefly” because of the numerous little fireflies that appear on the screen when this application is turned on. The application allows users to scan products for more information (without having to use QR Codes or bar codes). Not only can users find more information about products, but the application searches for the product on Amazon to buy!

Why Its Hot: This is Amazon’s first smartphone that competes with brands such as Apple and Android, and may even outdo them. We are in a generation where simplicity is key. Users can now do just about everything with the swipe or click of a finger. It has applications already installed in it that accommodate to users everyday functions with ease. “The ability to tilt the device on way or another to reveal this information works seamlessly and adds to Amazon’s vision of making it easier for users to get what they want without trying as hard.” It’s also called the Fire phone. Doesn’t get much hotter than that!

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