Amazon Echo Releasing Data to Agencies & Developers

According to an article published by Ad Age this week, Amazon has opened up some high-level information derived from consumer interactions with Alexa, it’s voice-activated home IoT platform. The data is limited, but developers, digital consultancies and analytics startups are clamoring for it. For now, developers and brands can track usage patterns such as the number of unique customers accessing the games or content streams they develop, or the total number of “utterances” related to their applications — which in Amazon parlance are known as “skills.”

Why It’s Hot:

This has direct implications for how we (MRM//McCann) gather and analyze conversational and linguistic data as part of our SENSE offering, as well as how we create and distribute content/experience for our clients.

Content & Experiences: Right now, the data is limited to brands and agencies that produce content through Alexa, with the goal of driving more of them to do so. This, coupled with the news that Facebook will start to allow brands to deliver audio-only content and the continued rise in popularity of podcasts, requires us to think more broadly about how we create and distribute content across all channels, social and otherwise.

Social Listening/SENSE: As Amazon Echo’s continue to gain popualrity, this will be an incredibly valuable source of linguistic data that can help us better understand our audiences behavior and motivations with digital technology.