ABC News App Channel on Apple TV Shows Enormous Potential for Content Publishers

About six weeks ago, ABC News launched a new Apple TV channel offering a wide range of live and on-demand content from both national and select local feeds. As a follow-up to this release, ABC News published this infographic that shows how viewers are using the channel compared to other devices.

The insight ABC News has uncovered is quite telling.  For instance:

  • Live programming accounts for 20% of all channel view time, and yet…
  • Live viewing on Apple TV is over 50% higher than views on PC and mobile combined
  • Apple TV viewers spend 65% more time viewing per visit than desktop users
  • 9PM EST measured as peak, most likely for capturing both east/west coast markets

Why It’s Hot

ABC News is showing that live video content isn’t dead, at least to consumers. Though on-demand entertainment continues to be on the rise, this data around news viewership suggests that cable-alternative products like Apple TV or Roku may mean new life for broadcasters. But to make this model a successful business model, content creators and technology companies need to rethink how content agreements are managed. The cable model may be dying, but there is still a desire for that content–just not sold in expensive bundles.

Like the need to move consumers away from expecting free digital music and towards paid downloads and premium streaming services, broadcasters now need outside the literal [cable] box to monetize new content consumption patterns.

Source: MacRumors

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