On Facebook, usage is way up but ad spend is down

According to Facebook, over the last few weeks, it’s seen:

  • Total messaging increases of more than 50%, across both WhatsApp and Messenger
  • An increase of 70% in Messenger group video calls, and more than double the regular demand for video calls in WhatsApp
  • Overall U.S. traffic from Facebook to other websites has increased by more than 50% week-on-week

But while engagement is up, ad spending is down as brands cancel campaigns, put temporary holds on media spending, or pivot to other channels, according to Social Media Today.

Why it’s hot: Coronavirus news has dominated the headlines and many social feeds, but conversation and engagement on social platforms goes well beyond sharing news. Entertainers, parents and others have found ways to use social media features to their advantage, hosting live comedy events, performing music, and reading books to kids stuck at home during the lockdown. Brands should take note of all the creativity happening out there, and use this opportunity to try out new forms of authentic communication that may adapt to support a paid social strategy made for the post-pandemic landscape.