McDonald’s is giving away 6 million Big Macs– here’s how to get one

Craving free food? If you bought a Big Mac early enough on Thursday, chances are you’ll be able to get a free Big Mac.

McDonald’s is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its Big Mac with the creation of a new currency — the “MacCoin.” The MacCoin will come in five versions, one for each decade the burger has been around. More than six million of these coins will be distributed amongst 14,000 locations around the US and many more abroad. The MacCoin can be exchanged for a Big Mac until the end of 2018.

Why it’s hot:

There’s a huge craze around bitcoin, which many still visualize as a physical coin. McDonald’s is trying to ride this craze, and I’m sure it’ll help their business.


Facial recognition cash withdrawal

Residents in Tibet can now use the facial recognition technology to withdraw cash at ATMs from the Agricultural Bank of China, no debit cards needed.

Also powered by the facial recognition technology, the Agricultural Bank of China is testing card-less and device-less payments at a pilot supermarket in Chongqing, China. Shoppers can pay for items by looking into the camera in the supermarket after putting the item in shopping basket. Transactions will automatically be conducted for registered Agricultural Bank of China customers.

Why it’s hot: There might be a day that our face truly becomes our identify and is all we need to conduct transactions and other businesses in the future.


Snapchat Voice Recognition Lenses


Starting August 1st, Snapchat has launched different lenses that animate when users speak simple words such as “love,” “yes,” “no,” wow.” Previously, lenses only worked with facial motions detected such as rising eyebrows or opening your mouth.

When these simple words are spoken it adds AR elements to the screen and is able to draw user engagement.

Why It’s Hot: This new technology in Snapchat, will allow users to be more engaged and be open to advertisers further down the road, similar to how lenses are currently used. This has the potential for users to use buzzwords related to a particular company, but ultimately proves to get user engagement with a brand.

What does $1tn really look like?

On Thursday, Aug 2 2018, Apple became the first publicly traded American company with a $1,000,000,000,000 market cap.

Here’s a neat interactive data visualization from the NYTimes to play with after the jump; it gives you a reference point for just how big $1tn is compared to the rest of the publicly traded companies on the S&P.


Here’s another nifty graphic that shows us the history of Apple’s valuation:



So, how big is $1tn? When you hear a big number out of context, it’s not always easy to quantify. These data visualizations help define how BIG $1tn really is in the context of American business, adding more meaning to this landmark event.

Shop local with Nike

Nike is using hyperlocal data to determine what products it stocks in its new west LA shop, Nike by Melrose.

Nike is using its digital commerce data with a machine learning algorithm to display local buying patterns. For example, Nike knows that its LA customers buy a lot of its Cortez trainers, so it’ll stock more of that shoe in more colors and display it prominently. It gets even better when customers use the Nike retail app to scan the QR code on any product in the store to find out more information about it.

During the research process, LA-based customers told Nike: ‘We want it fast.’ So, they created a time-saving feature called SwooshText, which allows customers to buy whatever they want via SMS, then have it delivered to your car when you arrive at the store.

Why it’s hot

This shop launch is part of Nike’s new city-focused business strategy. Last year, the brand announced that it would be ‘moving even closer to the consumers through key cities’ and, in doing so, start ‘deepening one-to-one connections’.