A Tale You Can Only Uncover With Dirt

To get kids off their screens and playing outside again, the Unilever-owned laundry-detergent brand, Omo, also known as Persil in some markets, created a children’s book, which kids can only read when its pages are smeared with dirt. It is part of Omo’s ongoing ‘Dirt is Good’ campaign.

The dirt-activated book, called The Tale of Spots and Stripes, is the result of a collaboration between Ogilvy South Africa in Cape Town, Karabo Poppy, the tales artist, and Colourtone Aries, the printing specialists that created the ink formula. The ink formula does not fill the blank book with beautiful illustrations until it is touched by dirty hands.

‘The book was also designed to exercise a child’s key development skills, including tactile and fine motor skills, visual perception, language development and education.’

Since being launched in a number of schools nationwide, the project has received the support of Educanda, South Africa’s leading supplier of child development tools and school learning equipment and the Centre for Early Childhood Development. Omo is currently talking to the country’s Department of Education in hopes that South Africa’s government makes the book part of the curriculum.

Why it’s hot: 

Today, children are surrounded by and glued to their screens and monitoring this screen time has become a modern-day issue for parents. The impact of an unhealthy amount of exposure to digital products and services has become a growing concern as it can lead to emotional, health and social problems. This is why The Book of Dirt is so great – it entices children outside, demonstrating that dirt is good and time away from the screen is beneficial.

Source: https://www.contagious.io/articles/playing-field