Taco Bell is Serving Frosé!

On June 6th Taco Bell announced that they will be testing Berry Frosé (frozen rose) at two Taco Bell Cantina locations in Newport Beach, California, and Chicago. The drink combines frozen rosé features blended with berry flavors. The frosé will cost $7.99 at the Newport Beach Cantina and $5.49 at the Chicago location.

Why It’s Hot: 
Taco Bell is continuing to give the millennial what they want. In 2015, Taco Bell launched its first Cantina, which features designs geared towards foot traffic (no drive-thru) and offers beer and mixed drinks. Cantinas are especially appealing to the millennials, with their digital menu boards, trendy décor, DJ’s blasting music and tapas style appetizers. And now, by adding Frosé to the menu, Taco Bellis even more in line with the millennial. It will no longer be a late night treat or stop on the road, but instead, it will be a destination. The fast-food chain isn’t doing something new (think Pinknic) but they are following a smart trend. “Rose All Day” has become a cultural movement and by joining in, Taco Bell is sure to gain traction.

Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/taco-bell-launches-frozen-ros-fros-2018-6