Using Social Listening to Track Russian Bots

Project Hamilton68 knows what Russia is thinking…by topic trend. The group, taking their name from Alexander Hamilton, known for having written 68 Federalist papers, around the theme of foreign interference, is taking to Twitter to sus out themes among the 600 Russian bots that they have identified.

The Hamilton 68 dashboard, a project with the Alliance for Securing Democracy at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, seeks to expose the effects of online influence networks and inform the public of themes and content being promoted to Americans by foreign powers.


The dashboard illustrates the themes that Vladimir Putin is promoting to Americans in pursuit of his foreign policy objectives–including the break up of the European Union, the dissolution of NATO and the failure of democratic governance in the United States specifically and in the West broadly.

Why it’s hot

We need tools to defend ourselves from the real fake news. This line of defense is built from the same stuff the bots are built from. We can use data to protect ourselves from whatever other hack related news is in our future.